Staring at the stars

Staring at the starry sky, the breeze drunk the moon, the gentle elegance and meditation that danced out of light, tenderness and beauty, the sweet-scented osmanthus flowers falling into the Toad Palace and the fragrant clouds outside the sky, just like the fairy of the moon palace, my gentle and moving expression is fixed on the lintel of the night, and it is piercing and energetic. The window of the soul is shining with the bright light of the starry sky, looking forward to the aura of love from the stars, the light of wisdom, and the power of the prism to realize the ideal in my heart.

Raising my hand between my eyebrows and on my forehead, everything is quiet and beautiful. Let’s reminisce about the thoughts and cares, and pin my lovesickness, send words to the starry sky, and open my heart. I hold the gorgeous and fragrant roses in one hand, and send my blossoming bright and sweet heart. Waiting for you, looking forward to you, kissing you, hugging you. The unchanging true feelings, the deep friendship like the sea, and the tender feelings in the sea ​​of ​​heart and lake feelings , there are waves of emotions , I would like to be sincere and innocent and pure love forever, engraved in the mailbox of my memory.

I want to listen to the childlike laughs of the star dolls, and the legendary myths of the moon baby and the stars. I really want to see the refraction of the gravitational waves of the Milky Way to give me a happy life . I really want to borrow the crystal clear ladder that shuttles through the sky. , Accompanied by colorful neon clothes, invite the Phoenix Bird, join hands with the white cloud girl to travel and soar in space. Mysterious and lovely starry sky, I stare at you affectionately.