Spring Rain’s Talk

Some people say that the spring rain is continuous and soft. It moisturizes the fertile soil, strokes the earth, and calls the earth quietly. When people do not know it, they quietly merged into a trickling stream and accumulated into a condensed green. Qingquan. Ah, it turned out that it was the spring rain that brought green vitality to the spring water, accompanied by the delicate spring wind and rain, with the stagnant smoky willow and pink. Spring breeze and spring rain always come together.

In the early spring, the wind with a little bit of cold awakened everything, the treetops were green, the earth was green, and even the platforms of the towering buildings were green. Wang Anshi of the Song Dynasty has a poem: “The spring breeze is green on the south bank of the river.” How good is it! But it is more than “green”? Under the wind, the wild flowers on the hillside opened their eyes, one, two Duo, one clump, two clumps…connected into a piece, merged into a sea. People faced this blue, red, yellow, pink, and carmine…the majestic ocean of colors, dazzling imagination. Ever since, the troubles are gone, and the malaise is gone. Thanks to the colors of spring for bringing us positive strength and perseverance confidence.

The spring breeze harmonizes with the rain’s cool dance, twisting the wind’s slender and gentle waist, blowing out the slender and slender rain, waving the wind of the fingerstick, tapping out the raindrops to pour out the ticking sound of the heart, the wind trims the emerald green spring, Singing softly the songs of the spring breeze and the south bank of the green river, in the proud artistic conception, there are scents of birds and flowers everywhere. Bathed in the bright spring light, the enchanting willows on the banks of the embankment lake are rippling in the wind of Hexi, the sapphire sky is vast and hearty, the clouds are fluttering, and the neon clothes are full of colors, and the reflection of a picture of neon clothes in the spring water is reflected in the sparkling waves, The pupil god of Spring Lake is beautiful, bright and condensed like a slippery heart pavilion, it is the infinite affection of the spring breeze and rain decorated with jasper and willow silk, the peach blossom rain in the mirror lake in the spring is cool and unrestrained, rippling into sentimental pink tears, inlaid with circles. Xi Xi’s long spring breeze and continuous spring rain folded countless warm ripples, embracing the gorgeous sky and cloud shadows rippling across the blue water chest.

The scent of jasmine is scented, the rose petals are enthusiastic, reflecting the wrinkles to dress up the smiling face of the lake, the wind rippling out of the joy of the ripples in the middle of the lotus pond, blowing the heart of the lotus, puffing up shrimps, jumping like a fish, and drawing into a witty Clam, Crab and Crab Road, share the reverie of the wind and the spring rain with the deep friendship of the lotus root section.

The rain god told me quietly that she wanted to turn into the rain of spring, shampoo the green willow silk, bathe the seedlings, moisten the earth, spray the flowers, and add a hint of spring energy to the surging spring tide. , Falling Creek Spring and the mountain gods sing together, jumping into the embrace of Feihong’s watering and harmonious singing, the spring rain is continuous, tender and romantic, listening to the raindrops, tapping the glass windows gently, playing the crisp and sweet sound of walking in the rain , Listen carefully to the flowing water of the Yanyu Jiangnan Bridge, that song is a jasmine flower, with a beautiful heart, to feel the unique joy.

Riding on the clouds to drive to the vast lake of Taihu where I am fascinated by the smoke, appreciate the richness of the land of fish and rice, and feel the blossoming scenery. Inadvertently, there is a faintly mellow song from a distance. It is a popular song from the north and south of the Yangtze River. Beauty], beauty lingers in my heart for a long time… From ancient times to the present, how many literati and inkmen have praised the tender spring rain with beautiful verses: “Dive into the night with the wind, moisturize things and play silently”, “Spring breeze, spring rain, flowers through the eyes, Jiangbei Jiangnan “Water beats the sky”, “The small building listens to the spring rain all night, and the Ming Dynasty sells apricot flowers in the deep lane”, “Three minutes to sleep in the rain, the green leaves increase tenderness.”

Chun Yu whispered to the chest of the drunk and beautiful season, continued to splash an exquisite and translucent picture, and dexterously pasted and distributed sweet and fragrant texts gracefully into chapters, Chun Yu’s simple words were beautiful and immaculate, unknowingly cherished in the mailbox of my memory…