Spring orchids are in full bloom again

In the icy and snowy January of 2021, in the flower market in Urumqi, spring orchids are blooming beautifully, each with their heads upright, and a fragrance of fragrance comes out, which makes people feel refreshed and refreshed. The fragrance of orchids makes people feel refreshing.

The stem of the orchid, which has just grown, is light green, gradually dark green, the width of a chive, and it is five or six inches long. From a distance, it looks like an intoxicating green.

The lush green leaves are extraordinarily green and bright against the dark green leaves. The green leaves seemed to squeeze out the water once they were wiped. They were so tender that it was so tender that they could not bear to touch them.

Orchid, with a light color, brings a quiet, light floral fragrance, glamorous and fragrant. Although not gorgeous or unassuming, but like a gentleman of Qianqian, it seems to symbolize all beautiful things. Orchid is also loved by people because of its noble character.

Orchids are ground plants of the genus Orchidaceae. Also known as “Duolan, Podilan, Orchid, Blossoming Fragrant, Grass Orchid”, it is one of the species with the longest cultivation history and people’s favorite among Chinese orchids.

As early as Emperor Yao’s reign, there was a legend of planting Chunlan. The ancients believed that Chunlan’s “fragrance”, “flower”, and “leaf” are perfect in three aspects, as well as “clear air”, “clear color”, “clear spirit” and “clear rhyme”. It is “the beauty of ideals and the beauty of all things”. Magic”.

Confucius was the first to give orchid a certain humanistic spirit. According to Cai Yong’s “Qin Cao” of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Confucius defended himself against Lu. In the hidden valley, seeing orchids flourishes alone, Wei Ran sighed: “Landang is the fragrance of the king.”

Chunlan is famous for its “nobleness, elegance, and fragrance”, its leaves are graceful , and its floral fragrance is far away. Since ancient times, Chunlan has been hailed as a symbol of beautiful things and has been widely personified in the folks. Chunlan has had a huge impact on social life, culture and art.

Li Bai wrote in “Yong Orchid”: “The graceful flowers are beautiful and the green leaves are long, and the wind can hardly hide the fragrance of the valley.

Don’t be worthy of being worn for wearing, even if no one is arrogant. ”

Cheng Fan wrote in “Ying Huai”: “The orchid is the fragrance of the king, and the fragrant breeze is in the breeze. It has never been in a cave, not in the prosperous and beautiful.”

Cao Yin wrote in “Winter Orchid”: “The winter grass is full of cold and green, and orchids are also flowers. Qing is like a bigu, and thin like a poet. Congxiu has a few hairpins, and the top is divided into double buns. Hair, wind and shadow desire camp yarn.”

Zhu Zaizhen wrote in “Jianlan”: “Conglan grows valleys, berries and berries are everywhere in the forest. It hurts if you don’t sew, and you have won the doorstep. You can go to Yuguan Mountain, Zi Peizhen and a few pavilions. Think lightly and return to the fragrance in the daytime, and the clear spring should be in the evening. Yu Zhen repeatedly bounces, and the sky is like workable.”

Hua Yan in “Lan”? It reads: “Yunhe Gu Yuman, quiet and clear and repaired. The cool breeze makes the night, and the beautiful lady kindly asks.”

Orchids are in full bloom with different shapes, some are simple, some are public, and some are small and exquisite. Orchids, one by one, one by one, one by one, blooming with beautiful flowers.

Orchid, the essence of gathering heaven and earth, “does not compete with peaches and plums, and does not change color due to frost and snow.”

Orchids, blooming very lively, full of trees as white as snow, white as jade, like a proud princess, slim.

Orchids, pink petals, holding egg yolk stamens, express themselves vigorously, and the fragrance is overflowing, without reservation, with frankness and simplicity, they move the people who appreciate the flowers.