Spring is so beautiful

The rain in the spring, the dust and coldness that have been baptized for a long time, ushered in a sunny spring. –Inscription

The patter of rain has been raining for several days. Maybe the earth is thirsty, and the flowers and plants also need to drink water. Pedestrians in the distance no longer slumped, and trembled all over. In this way, after drinking full of water, they look particularly refreshed and feel the warmth of nature.

After the spring rain, a green beauty came into view, and the eyes were so comfortable, as if they were full of delicious food. The air is filled with a faint scent of earth, take a deep breath, and you will feel the memories of being wild in the fields as a child. The sun in the distance is really good, not as dazzling as on a sunny day, the faint light is very gentle and delicate, sitting on the wicker chair by the lake, I feel so comfortable. At this moment, the breeze blew across my soft face, and I nodded shyly, humming a little song while listening to the chirping of birds.

In this way, I fell in love with spring, with the tender green flowers and plants, the crisp bird calls, the earthy fragrance, the gentle breeze, the crystal clear lake, and the lazy sun.

The season when I have nothing to say is spring. At this time, I felt the language of nature and greeted me. I remember that when the spring is blooming, taking pictures and taking pictures has become a must-have part of the year.

We can take our best friend, our partner, our family, and our friends to go outing and admire flowers together. Of course, I am also a follower here. I go out to admire flowers, eat special snacks from different regions, and then check in to WeChat Moments, Weibo Toutiao and other Internet terms, and I feel that my emotions are released at once, and a lot of emotions are generated. Good mood . On this day, I breathed the fresh air and walked between the mountains and rivers. The golden stones were strangely shaped. Picking up the gravel and throwing it into the pool, there would be splashes of crystal clear waves. The happy little tadpoles in the pool are swimming in their dreams and playing with their companions.

After passing through the mountains and rivers, I came to a field of golden rapeseed flowers and green wheat fields. Not far away, you can see the country road leading to the sparse blue brick houses. This is the most beautiful pattern of nature, which makes people linger.

After raining and the sky is clear, in fact, the most beautiful time is that after watching the scenes of real and sweet scenes before me, I glanced at the sky, and the azure blue poured into my entire vision. After a while, I can discuss my feelings about life with the sky .

The breath of spring is so charming and confusing. In spring, let the children sing nursery rhymes and sprout innocent dreams. In spring, adults are full of vitality, and the face that has been hallucinated for a long time appears. In spring, let the elderly feel the peaceful smile of the years. In such a leisurely time, time is not old. It is such a young and vigorous season that presents an extraordinary and dreamlike spiritual home to all lives.

Please keep your heart in the spring, sometimes rain, sometimes wind, start as you like. Bring your own dreams, live up to the time, and work hard in the four seasons.