Shallow encounters and deep hiding, the time when flowers bloom

The god of years shook the rose with enthusiasm, the earth wheel spun out elegant and classic purple lilacs, the moon bleached away the purity and elegance of the magnolia blossoms, the mountain god swayed like the peach blossoms of the amber morning light, and talked about the pink flowers in the warm and charming. The wisps of love are long, bright as the azaleas of the morning glow, delicate and gorgeous, and the beautiful begonia flowers, the golden light of the spring, in the spring is full of brilliance and competition. Beautiful like a fairy tulip, a splash of ink, a thick ink, bright red cherries, telling the gentle and heartfelt love, the double petals and dazzling camellia are like slender neon clothes, spring and spring love in the world interpret the beauty in the soft heart Fascinated.

Verdant towering pine, bamboo winding streets, Mei Xiang floating extraordinary charm, Lan Xin Hui quality style integration in the mountains and plains, creamy buzz melodious springs, streams gurgling flowing, cry out mountain waterfall in the spring most beautiful The cappella, the hard-working gardener in the years pruned into a time full of spring.

Reading the poetry chapters sent by spring, Hexi’s spring breeze, helped me open the preface of spring, and opened the curtain of imagination in spring. The most striking first article is the time when flowers bloom. In the blue sky, rows of wild geese fly from the north to the south, flocks of purple swallows carry the fragrance of the green field, and can’t wait to sway the spring scenery to the sky, flocks of bees are busy on the breasts of golden rapeseed flowers, butterflies The child danced lightly, and hovered in the reflection of Liu Cui Lijie’s laughter. The season of Yingge, Yan, grass, and flying, beautiful and immaculate, the spirits of spring resonate with enchanting calls to each other, the spring breeze is proud, a warm look back, a sincere greeting, that is the charming, smart and warm poetry of the spring girl, and it is also romantic and fashionable. The language of flowers is the reflection of the white and flawless magnolia blossoms in the jade-colored Jiangnan pond.

The sky in March is very joyful, the luster of sapphire, the white and flawless cloud girl, sings softly and softly in the sky, the enchanting willow girl full of emerald green, is the intoxicating spring water plucking the green waltz of spring, the fragrance of flowers In the madness, Xinquan is knocking the sound of dingdong, and the heart wall constructs an Internet of melody of a hundred birds. A curtain of romance is full of affection, and the lower eyebrows, in looking back, in the gaze, in the expression, are destined to woven into a jade-colored Jiangnan The style of the ink painting scrolls in the water village is like a heart with a clear heart, a look that seems to be a glimpse, rippling in the condensing and slippery waves, rippling in the depths of the sea of ​​love, the ripples of laughter are the kisses given to me by the lake of heart , Xiaocao’s joy is your freshest greeting, the spring breeze sends you the most proud hug, and the bright spring is of course the warmest companion I give you. Ziyan’s whisper has softened your harbor, and your sincerity accompanies me to your night. I suddenly realize that my sincerity is long and hard to see each other.

When the flowers bloom, embroider a mirror that is waiting for each other, the splendor of neon clothes hang in the morning, the fragrance of a tree is set against the sunrise, the red sun melts into the most passionate surging, and the sky is shining brightly. With radiance and brilliance, spring night, I look up to the sky, mischievous blinking stars are dazzling, and the moon is beautiful like a golden age, silver shuttle cleverly embroiders a brocade that misses and cares, as if to pass the bond between heaven and earth calling each other, I am You guard the brilliance of the moon shadow, and you care about the sail of the moon shadow in the sea of ​​love and love for me.

You don’t need to confess as soon as you look at it deeply. The sentiment of your heart is solid enough in a look back, and the interpretation that you understand all the time! While meeting without words, I walked silently in my heart, dreaming of being beautiful, dreaming of each other’s concern, has surpassed the speed of time and space, I will smile with my affection, and exchange your tenderness for a moment, and life is like a dream Generally, it’s difficult to grasp. I know that I can only cherish the true feelings, stick to the past pleasures, meet and cherish each other in the artistic conception of Ruomeng, and cherish each other. , A bit of years go with their respective corners and ends of the world, why do we have known each other when we meet, do not seek forever, just seek the truth, true and true thoughts, and cherish sweetly in the bottom of my heart.