Sending a song to the king, wishing you to build a dream of youth

“You said, when the flower is gone, it will really bloom again, and when the flower is gone, it will definitely still bloom.”

The gentle and melodious male voice, the wonderful soundtrack, gracefully turn people, like the gurgling spring in the mountain stream, leading us into a mysterious, unknown and beautiful world, relieving our tired bodies and relaxing our hearts. The years are quiet, how wonderful!

However, the flower will bloom next year after the flower is gone, but, “My youth bird will never come back”, our youth will not come again when our youth is gone.

Life is short, life is fragile, and youth is perishable. We never know when our youth is gone.

I still remember the accident in the second year of high school.

The 17-year-old is in the best years of his life. He is full of vigor and vigor, bravely, and full of hope for the future.

However, an accident took everything from him. He suffered a heart attack and died. This kind of thing, I thought it only happened on TV, existed in his population, and never wanted to be so close to us.

His life passed away suddenly, and his youth passed in a flash. We are shocked, we are sad, for the fresh life of yesterday’s cold corpse today, for the youth that people have not had time to fight for, and for the dreams that people have not yet realized.

Dreams, yes, he has dreams, he dreams of entering a university, he dreams of becoming a designer, he dreams of making big money to repay his parents…

It’s true, it’s true, and it’s true that his dream can’t be realized. Human youth is too short, and human dreams cannot be realized.

Fortunately, our youth is still there, and our dreams still have a chance to come true.

Yes, we also have dreams, we also have the faith to fight for them, and we also have things that we have pursued throughout our lives. However, we often spend time, consume energy, play and have fun in the most beautiful years of our lives, in our precious youth years, focusing only on eating, drinking and having fun, not chasing our dreams, and not fighting for them. We always put the matter of chasing our dreams until tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow… Tomorrow is tomorrow, tomorrow is so many. But time does not wait for me, time does not forgive, and youth quietly slips through the fingers. When I regret it then, when we dream again, our youth is no longer there, leaving a sigh of “Young and strong don’t work hard, but the boss is sad”.

So, young people, while our youth is still there, while we still have a lot of time, and while we still have luxuriant energy, let us hold on to the little tail of youth, cherish time, and seize every minute and every second. , Fight for the dream we have pursued in our life!

A period of youth, amazing time! Chasing dreams once and witnessing growth! Let us build dreams of youth together and grow up with dreams!