See you in autumn

I often wonder how beautiful it would be if I could wait for you in autumn. I don’t know why this kind of thought arises. Maybe it is because I suddenly felt that the years are getting old, maybe because I want to live affectionately in the thin and cold world.

I know that such a miss is far away from me. But I am still waiting, waiting for a spiritual encounter, so that I can reunite with the warmth.

Summer passes and autumn comes, and in a blink of an eye it is another seasonal change. Summer has been here for so long, but finally I still have to leave. Just like some people in life, some things will gradually go away in the rush years. I still like the autumn season, and she likes her gentleness, sentiment and tune.

In the autumn days, no matter the morning or the evening, the distant mountains or the close-up, it is a beautiful picture of nature. The passing years come and go in a hurry, the rain and snow of the four seasons are flying, the journey of life stops and stops, the flowers bloom every year, and finally, pass by time and return to dust.

How melancholy, a little bit reluctant, full of sentimentality , the back looking at you to leave, the lovesickness that fell to my place…