In the cold weather, in the Mercedes-Benz cab, manager Xiao Wang was taking one of the apples he had just bought, biting two of them in his mouth and muttering in his mouth: “Why not sweet.” The window opened and threw it out of the car window. .

I saw a ragged, thinly dressed scavenger child ran over, picked up the apple that Xiao Wang had thrown away, wiped the hem of his jacket, and put it in his jacket pocket. As the child lowered his head, he suddenly saw a stack of hundred-yuan bills scattered on the ground outside the door of the Mercedes-Benz car. This was accidentally dropped out by the uncle in the car. The child picked up the stack of banknotes, paddling his toes, and reached the window. The little hand held the stack of banknotes high, and one hand gently tapped the window glass of the Mercedes-Benz car, towards Xiao Wang who was sitting in the cab. Shaking the stack of banknotes.

Xiao Wang was surprised and opened the car door. The scavenger boy said to Xiao Wang: “Uncle, your money has fallen out.” Xiao Wang discovered that his stack of money had accidentally been scattered outside the car. When Xiao Wang took the stack of money, he watched the child’s honest and cute face flushed red in the cold wind, and his thin body was trembling slightly in the cold wind. A hint of pity suddenly rose in his heart. Then he said to the child: “Thank you kid!” Before Xiao Wang could say more, the child ran away in a hurry.

Immediately, Xiao Wang swiftly chased him in the direction where the child ran. In a remote alley, Xiao Wang saw a skinny old grandmother squatting in the corner wearing a blanket full of holes, and the child kneeling next to him, took out from the pocket of his jacket and threw it out the window. The unsweet apple that was put in the old man’s mouth,-“Grandma, you eat.” The two gnawed bitely. In the cold weather, the grandparents and grandchildren are cuddling each other here, fighting against fate. It’s so sad and pitiful!

Immediately, Xiao Wang returned to the car, put together the bag of apples and the stack of money the child picked up, walked to the pair of grandparents and laid them down gently, and stroked the child’s red baby who was red from the cold. Face, bowed deeply. Left silently. …