Run three laps when you get angry

Once upon a time, there was a man named Ai Diba. Every time he was angry and disputed, he would ran home and ran three times around his house and land. Aidiba is very hardworking. His house is getting bigger and bigger, the land is getting wider, and his age is getting older, but as long as he argues with others, he will still run three times around the house and the land.

When Aidiba got angry, he ran three laps around his house and land, and it quickly spread to the local area. Many people don’t understand why he did this.

One day, the elderly Ai Diba walked around the land and the house three times with difficulty, leaning on a cane, and the sun was already down. His grandson asked him curiously: “Grandpa, you are so old that you can no longer run around the land like you used to be angry. Why do you insist?” Ai Diba said, “When I was young, I quarreled with others. When I am angry, I run three times around the house and the land. I run and think, my house and land are so small, how can I have time to get angry with others. When I think about this, my anger disappears. I spend all my time working hard. The grandson asked again: “Grandpa, you are getting older now and you have become the richest person. Why do you still run around the house and the land?” Ai Diba said, “I still get angry and can’t run. Just walk around the house and the land three times. As I walked thinking, my house is so big and the land is so much, why bother with people? Walking can also exercise your muscles and bones. When I think of this, my anger disappears.”