Relive the lost youth

A girl who seemed to be only seventeen or eighteen years old, waited until I finished signing the book she wanted, and whispered: “Ms. Mei Zhi, can I shake hands with you?” I was taken aback and moved the pen mechanically. Handed it to the left hand, and stretched out the right hand.

During that grip, I looked at so many young people around me, who had always refused to admit that I was old, and I could no longer deny the age gap with them.

How many years have you not been so close to youth?

In the early spring of seven years ago, it was also in this school, in this direction, and with so many children, it gave me the feeling of being trapped in flowers.

I’m lost again.

Seven years have passed, where are those children now? Even if he was only a freshman in high school, he should graduate from university now. When I think of them, I look at the photos left on that day, and my heart is warm and sweet.

In QQ . Maybe sometime, they would often jump out their warm greetings.

I don’t want to grow old, so I really don’t want them to grow very big.

Can’t help but think stupidly about how the children are now.

I was in a trance, and suddenly I wondered if the group in front of me would simply be the kids from seven years ago.

There are many students, but there is no noise. The order is orderly and methodical, and the team is long, with heads but not tails.

Unexpectedly, their enthusiasm would be so high. A few of my classmates actually held four, five or even ten books in their arms. I want to ask them why they want so much, but I blame myself for being too petty.

The enthusiasm of the students is high, and the teachers are not to be outdone. Many teachers have been found before the children are over, but many have missed the time and arrived in a hurry when the line is long. They took the book and squeezed directly in front of me to ask for a signature . At this time, a child whispered: “Teacher jumped in the line.” Ha, this was a good time, and a classmate immediately made a “protest”: “The teacher is not allowed to jump in the line!” Then, there was a burst of laughter.

Suddenly found a strange phenomenon, why didn’t you see the boys?

It’s not surprising that girls love fantasy and literature more than boys . Not seeing a boy is inevitably ” sad “.

“Haha,” Qiu laughed when he heard sitting on the side helping, “boys are here, look!”

as predicted.

After this, the boys suddenly grew.

Interestingly, a boy suddenly said to me: “Teacher, can you leave me a contact information?”

Suddenly did not react. What is contact information? Mailing address, email address, or phone number?

Think it should be a phone, right?

I couldn’t find the paper for a while and wanted to sign it on the bookmark. Mingduo, who was accompanying him, interjected: “The bookmarks are not good, the paper is too slippery to be written on.” He had to ask the boy’s opinion and write it on the page of the book.

After that, several classmates asked for my phone number.

I couldn’t help but worry again. When they heard my voice on the phone, would they feel too old?

Look, I’m lost again.

The urgent electric bell rang, and I couldn’t help being shocked: Is it time for class?

I don’t remember how much time has passed. I remember that when I first arrived at school, the school broadcast was ringing “rubbing four white points”, the time for eye exercises between the third and fourth classes. The students came here during lunch time after finishing the last class.

I heard a male teacher say: “Students who participated in the signing event, it’s okay to be late today, and the teacher won’t blame it if you use the book as evidence for a while.”

Looking at the team, at least in my position, I still can’t see the last one. I have to hurry up.

After signing, there are still students who didn’t get the book, because the more than 300 copies I brought with me have been exhausted, so I have to take a cut to take me home and bring it back to everyone.

Coming down from the shelter, I immediately felt the irritable roasting, and sweat suddenly burst out. The children who were waiting in line for the signature just now are all directly in the sun…

On the way back, Yidao took a small and exquisite envelope from Qiuli to me. It was a letter written to me by a girl in advance. In the bumpy car, I read it lightly, but I blamed myself very much. I didn’t even pay attention to what the girl looked like. I only remembered her gentle and soft words: “This is a letter I wrote.”

I forgot how many years I haven’t written a letter, but I know that this time, I must write her back. I didn’t think about what I could write, I just believe that I can at least borrow a reply letter to relive the long-lost youth indirectly.