Quiet and elegant, let your thoughts fly

Listening to the crisp and melodious melody music, letting go of a relaxed and happy mood , kneading and quiet and far-reaching thoughts, holding a calm and peaceful state of mind, it is all comfortable and cozy, all beautiful scenery, through the vicissitudes of life, taste the ups and downs of life , Along the way, life just drifts by silently, suddenly looking back, there are still some clear or vague traces in the memory of the brain, some of the past in life, deposited in the memory of the mind, waving away Don’t go, think deeply in the endless emotion, exile a feeling of relief, let go with your thoughts in the tranquility and elegance.

Plucking the strings of the soul, the unvoiced sound accompanies the mood, reverberating in the mountains, melodious in the wilderness, wandering and flowing by the creek, looking far away, who is gently playing at the Wanrenzhangzhang? In the chest of Qingquan, who is ringing the dingdong of spring water, I know that this is the touch of love, the resonance of love, the beautiful and immaculate thoughts and concerns, and it is also the leisurely release of your elegant state of mind. I know that there is a sky that is always insurmountable, and that is your direction. I only hope that your life will be safe, happy and healthy enough, enough! I am willing to entrust everything to the distant place, and let the story be hidden in the clouds. Those bitter memories are not sorrow, but the fragrance that I have faded away, like a dry lotus carrying a cold wind, but still exuding a faint fragrance. Maybe heartache, maybe hard to give up, maybe sad and sad, but never regret it. Tranquil and distant. Like the moonlight and silver light tonight. I stood in the moonlight last night, kissed a rose under the moonlight with my heart, embraced the fragrance of wisps of lotus with affection, and caressed the beautiful and elegant dreams with a bold heart.

Many times, when encountering helpless sorrow, maybe just a light smile will let all the glitz and irritability disappear. At this moment, there is an unspeakable peace, quiet thoughts, without a trace of worry and joy. At that moment, enjoying the calmness given by Dan Ran, leisurely and calmly in the depths of memory, nostalgia is a kind of light feelings, then the ruthless flight of light will also take away all kinds of reluctance and helplessness. Looking up at the blue sky, watching the light and slow dancing clouds, the mood at this moment is as relaxed and relaxed as the clouds, with the mood, with the heart fluttering, with the desire, slowly swinging and drifting past. Looking at the past in the world, I feel refreshed and happy for a moment.

Spend the colorful spring, usher in the warm and gentle summer, in this amorous summer, give up the imagined scenes, and be a humbly woman who is a bamboo, clear festival and autumn, like a tranquil chrysanthemum, elegant and elegant like a lotus and orchid heart A woman of good quality, slowly getting older in time. In this season, let go of all the constraints, be a relaxed traveler, and learn to be strong during the journey. Because at this corner, I have smelled the fragrance of crape myrtle flower and lotus. Don’t ask again, who made eternity in whose landscape? No longer thinking about whose eyebrow touched whose eyebrow? The youthful years are a thing of the past, and the brushes on the rice paper have been hurriedly shelved and disappeared. Condensing the moon by the window, listening to the wind, seems to understand the non-ming, like a thousand-year secret language picked up in the years. Be a woman with a smile on her back, twist a heart fragrance, live lightly, quietly and elegantly, let her thoughts fly easily in time.

Many times, I imagine that I can have a transparent and pure heart, a mood of light fragrance and poetic rhyme, and understand those people’s worldliness and all trivial matters lightly in my heart. In the long years, the wind is light and the clouds are light, such as the clouds and the clouds. , Like a flower blooming. Let everything go with the flow, do whatever you want, or be as easy as you see it, you also want to be able to have a different kind of femininity and feeling moved while calm.

The words sliding out between the fingers faintly confide in the flow of various emotions , the blooming of the Mood for Love, the poetic splashing ink, the wonderful brilliance, the happy and warm atmosphere, the sadness and the incisive release, and the soul. Passionate touch. In the end, the entanglement all returned to plainness again, lamenting that in the passionate and romantic life, the inexhaustible emotions brought by the words, in the words, make the beautiful and enchanting life more profound and beautiful.

Quietly listening to the complexity and hustle and bustle of the world, using a cold song to tell the faint feelings, closing my eyes and listening attentively, “I have been asking repeatedly in the gloom and darkness, and then I know that the calmness and calmness are true.” , As if there is one’s own shadow in the singing, in the past, present, and future, I like the light and elegant, soft and soft feeling in this mood.

There are many things worthy of nostalgia and aftertaste in my memory. Although they have been sealed by the dust of the years, once they are opened, there will be all kinds of touches from the depths of the soul, savoring carefully, the good times of the past, flowing into a long heart The river, wafting and flowing to the distance. In the past, there were young frivolous, wishful delusions, painful or sad, all have quietly flowed with time.

It is because of these experiences that I have a deeper understanding and understanding of life. In the long river of years, a person is just a tiny drop of water in the ocean. Although it may be that there is little gain and a lot of loss, as long as you have indifferent The state of mind, why bother about gains and losses? Tired of life’s journey, recite some lyrical of prose , read a popular article , a spring waltz jump, or a quiet cup of tea or a cup of coffee. Listening to a piece of music lazily, let yourself indulge yourself in the intoxicating music, and you can also throw a slightly green frivolous along with the music. Relaxed indulgence.

Leave a quiet and indifferent to yourself, let your thoughts fly, and life will naturally be high, light, and light. I like to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, and to see and see through the human landscape in a lonely mirror. Quietly remember, light taste. Reap the experience of life. Unleash goodness in the calm and tranquility. A happy life is actually perseverance and perseverance in that ordinary life! The most beautiful life in Dan Ran is the kind of indifference with a friendly look and a smile when I look back suddenly!

In the quiet and elegant, let your thoughts fly, follow the beat of the times, walk all the way easily, stroll among the spring flowers, summer rain, autumn moon, winter snow, shuttle through the joyful longitude and latitude, retain the good time, hold a happy mood, and take advantage of It’s nice to have the sun, take advantage of the breeze is not dry, before you are old, start a sweet realization of your own. Relax and leave a smile for yourself; relax and leave a space for yourself; be forgiving and leave a simple for yourself; indulge and leave a happy for yourself. Let the passing years and years witness the vow of immortality, the red dust is rolling, on the thousands of roads, smiling and staring, in a flower market encounter, moving forward in a misty cycle. How many feelings can embrace each other in the dust? Is there a brooding love that settles safely in the years? Ask yourself, walk through the passing time, be able to cherish a pure and kind heart, a heart of loyalty, loyalty, tranquility, far-reaching, and indifferent mood should be enough, enough.

A handful of magnolia flower’s purity and elegance and wisps of fragrant fragrance, lightly rubbed with the ripples of laughter in the ink drop, blooming in the lake of heart, the lotus, which is quiet and elegant but also has memory, shallow encounters and deep thoughts, deep thoughts, red dust on the road, you will be at ease , Cherish fate, love without boundaries, praise fate, read fate, express fate. Write the upper bounds on the poems of time with your heart, so that the earth will be cleansed, the soul will be purified, and it will be covered with a beautiful fragrance of truth, goodness and beauty.