Qiu Yu knocked on my window

The rain in autumn comes and goes quickly. The raindrops are quite heavy, hitting on the kitchen window, ping-pong, ping-pong, like percussion, more like a heartbeat.

While listening to mobile phone music, while making my favorite egg pie. When the golden egg pie came out of the pan, it rained. “Autumn rain is not a ditch, and wherever it falls, it will be harvested.” This autumn rain fell on the parents’ fields, and it should be a good harvest. It should be in a good mood when it hits on my glass window .

I like to listen to Dao Lang’s songs. The vicissitudes of life contain affection. “It’s raining again tonight, and it’s raining bit by bit.” This is clearly not rain, but tears. We heard a man deeply miss the “meeting last year”.

There are many encounters in life , but not every encounter is unforgettable, and unforgettable encounters cannot be repeated. “You in the rain are so beautiful. I asked if you like to be with me. You smiled speechlessly.” This kind of incomplete beauty will always appear. This may be the normal state of life.

Time is an invisible broom, which can clean the floor completely. Finally, “tonight I stood in the rain again, letting my feelings float around in the light rain, I asked myself if I still love you, so I gave up easily.” Giving up is also a kind of beauty.

The rain was still falling, and the playground was cleaned up and fresh. The green lawn and the red runway are pleasing to the eye. The leaves ringing like a rustle, rushing, smashing, smashing, don’t be the same.

The eggplant is still given by the father, and the fat one is the most suitable for aubergine pancakes. Yesterday, when reaming the eggplant, the old mother kept reminding: “Find the biggest one.” Yes, parents always give the best to their children and swallow all the pain by themselves.

The phone rang “big days”, able to “big day” interpretation of touching the heart of the Mao Amin I am afraid to count. I once heard a little boy sing “The Big Sky”. It is indeed the sound of nature, but obviously there is no time to settle down, and the weight of life is lacking . Kindness needs to be fermented, as the so-called “parents’ kindness is only known when raising children.”

“Mom, under the moonlight, quietly I miss you, the caress that is quietly dripping in the blood.” Yes, only when I leave my mother’s hometown, only under the quiet moonlight, the feeling of thinking about my mother is the most pure. “Children travel thousands of miles to worry about mothers”. When we are concerned about children thousands of miles away, we will truly enshrine our parents in our dreams. ” Happiness is born in a heart that will hurt.” Isn’t that true?

My wife is watching “Parents Love ” and laughs a few times from time to time. The love performed by Guo Tao and Mei Ting can be said to have their special characteristics of the special age. I still feel that they have interpreted the love between husband and wife and parent-child for hundreds of years, thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years.

“Those love winds and rains that have never gone, but in my dream, love has slowly aged, and those years are in my heart, and have gradually condensed.” What can settle and what can be condensed is worth cherishing. Just like this Xiaoxiao autumn rain, it nourishes the fields and the hearts of farmers.

When the last pot of egg pie fragrant, the rain stopped, and the sun passed through the dark clouds, reflecting the playground brightly and lovely.

“Meeting Again” rang on the phone: “You said that life is like a dream, and I said that life is like a show. What’s the difference? It’s not all the same hazy. There is you in the hazy. It is enough to have you and me. You are with me. In the world, a rainbow has risen.”

In this world, there are not many loved ones, too few loved ones, and the best people are few and enough. It is an old saying to cherish what you have, but it is the most useful.