Qin Yun Hua Xiang Yi Ran

I have always wanted to send my so-called prose to a paradise like a public diary . Because when you post on the Internet, you will get to know some text friends, but because of their busyness, they will probably be unable to maintain frequent information exchanges.

Occasionally , when I was in a very good mood , I wanted to post a few words on QQ “Weibo”, but I was exhausted by the insecure “Verification Code”. However, if you leave the net for too long, the friendship flowers swaying in the red dust are often difficult to sway gently with the wind. In order to let friends know that they are still alive lazily through the words, so I wrote some sloppy words.

While listening to the slow “Woman Flower”, I was typing on the keyboard, so the typed text always had the taste of asking for the lyrics. Anyway , there is a lot of copy of articles in the world. Anyway , I copied the lyrics, so it shouldn’t be considered an article!

Due to the good weather in Shanghai these days, it is more suitable to go out for a ride and enjoy the flowers and play music at home. If it gets hotter, your fingers will sweat, and you will feel uncomfortable plucking the strings, because the sweat stains will rust the strings.

Because I am afraid of trouble, I have never worn fake nails like tortoiseshell since I taught myself to play Guzheng. I feel that it is convenient and free to play directly. Even if I only have a few minutes of free time, I can flick the strings a few times and just say stop. Can stop. If you wear all eight fake nails with tape, the time spent, probably a few songs have already been played.

Although it will inevitably affect the crispness of the piano sound, there is nothing perfect in this world! Besides, it seems more convenient for the left hand to rub the strings without wearing fake nails. As a non-professional idler who is only self-drunk, how easy and how happy is the most important thing.

Another reason why I spend a lot of time playing piano recently is that my nails that I haven’t cut for a long time are very suitable for playing guzheng, and have half the charm of fake nails. It is only pitiful that if you keep your nails without sacrificing to play the piano, you will sometimes be found a little “monster”. In view of this, these days, it has always been wild and unreliable and hidden in the city. As long as the long nails can add color to the sound of the Zheng, what’s wrong with abandoning the image for the sake of “art”!

On a sunny day recently, as soon as you walk out of the house, you will suddenly feel warm and relaxed. I really want to ride a bicycle and reach places like Haijiao Tianya in one breath. Being able to walk in the wilderness when the sun smiles without the slightest anger, the heart is simple and full of happiness .

I have become accustomed to walking towards a place where the fragrance of flowers is soothed by the sun and filled with sweetness.

In May, under the warm sunshine, the most satisfying thing for me was the white clover in the surrounding green belt. When I first passed by that place, I didn’t know where the floral scent came from. I thought it was Milan in the nearby yard, because the floral scent was somewhat similar to that of Milan. But Milan usually blooms after June, so with doubt, I walked to the white clover with small spherical white flowers on the side of the road. The closer you get to them, the stronger the floral scent.

The white clover growing close to the ground paved the green area into a fluffy verdant lawn. When I look closely, I find that among the many white flowers, some are pale pink and creamy yellow. In the sun, under the shadow of the tree, among the flowers and grass, colorful butterflies are flying and dancing; the bees are singing. Every flower is smiling and welcoming the elves who spread their wings, and gently strokes their friendly closeness with their petals. How hopeful that such a natural beauty can be performed with passion in the harmonious repertoire of mankind!

On a bright Sunday, I took my parents to the Dianshan Lake on the outskirts of the city for a walk. I was surprised to find that on the side of National Highway 318 near Dianshan Lake, there were actually white clover that exuded the fragrance in the sun.

I saw little white flowers among the green grass leaves; butterflies and bees were also busy in that green wave. However, in places far away from the central city, the scene I saw was more like nature telling a pure love story ; although bees and butterflies have a pair of wings that can fly, they give up the lofty Blue sky, resolutely cast that affection into the verdant and fragrance that clings to the earth…

At this moment, I knew: drunk, sometimes can come so casually, but it’s so heartwarming.