Please live poetically

In any school, mediocre college students are similar, and those who are not mediocre have their own brilliance.

After graduation, everyone went their separate ways, and everyone went on their own journey. The process of growth is to break the cocoon into a butterfly, struggling to fade all the green and ugliness, shaking the light and beautiful wings in the sun.

After many years, do you still remember your original intention? Is it still poetic?

In the modern society where life is changing rapidly, we can neither live in the mountains like Tao Qian nor act rashly like Li Bai, nor can we learn from Yi’an to complain about red flowers and green leaves all day long. As a result, many people wonder, is it true that a poetic life only favors the ancients, while abandoning the busy modern people?

Although my life is not as poetic and picturesque as the ancients, sometimes I still feel lonely and lonely following quietly without leaving a little bit, but I have gradually learned how to make myself live happily and wonderfully , and how to make myself old calmly. .

Wake up in the morning, enjoy a cup of tea, read a beautiful article , let the long mountain breeze thousands of years ago, along with your own spirit, fly to your quiet and warm spiritual pastoral, let your heart settle and re-precipitate. Amidst the turmoil of the modern city, gain a sense of tranquility outside the world.

If I can let my heart wander between mountains and rivers, clouds and clouds, no matter when and where I can hold a faint ray of joy, I think, my world will naturally bloom in spring, and poetry will always be there.

Today, Xiaoyu talked with an old literary man. He said: Poetry is everywhere. There is poetry in the sky. It will inevitably draw a rainbow after a violent storm; there is poetry on the earth. It is a spring red flower digested by frost and snow. It is full of mountains; it is the frost and snow, and nature is also poetically created: frost, white as jade; snow, shaped like plum blossoms.

Poetry is a colored pen, wherever it is swung, it will be colorful; poetry is a bunch of fireworks, wherever it appears, the night sky of life will be gorgeous; poetry is a romantic feeling, whoever has it in his heart, who owns it Life is covered with a magical halo. When we look at life from a poetic perspective, there is nowhere in life that is not poetry…

Yes, why bother to care too much about trivial matters, all the prosperity of the world will eventually be like smoke, annihilated in the sky of time. As long as you treat your life well, feel the beauty of nature, and hold the grace of the wind and dust in your hand, then every step of your life will be leisurely and poetic.

Perhaps, in the flashy and noisy world, you often have some inexplicable feelings and worries nowhere to deliver. You might as well take a walk-and-go tour, or walk quietly in the text, in the world of ink rhyme and scholarship, let your heart bathe in the wind and rain of the Tang Dynasty, and find a copy of “Collecting the chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, leisurely seeing Nanshan” Leisurely, grateful for the beauty of life that has been met and will be met.

Perhaps life is more quiet and calm. However, I will let my heart wander in the blue water, listen to the echoes from the depths of the season, let myself stand alone in the wind and dust, find a leisurely and poetic flavor, and quietly enjoy the transcendence and refinement of life.

In this busy and noisy era, in fact, everyone, as long as they dig out the feelings of the ancient style, the long embankment will still be as quiet as when Bai Juyi passed by N years ago. A person who knows how to live, life must be poetic everywhere.