Perseverance before dawn

As night fell, I blew out the reading lamp, there was no moonlight, only the feeling of drowning.

I frantically tore all the destructible items that I could see in front of me, and watched them lie on the ground in a bit of a mess, like me at this moment, letting my powerlessness devour myself crazily. I seemed to be drawn away from my soul, looking hollowly at the bright lights in the distance. To be precise, it was midnight, and the piercing wind at night had already blown out the lights in the distance.

Open the window, the lone light flickers in the night, I sway in the wind, like a ridiculous fish, a fish that can drown. Arrogant, not modest, and will only fall in the end. Looking up, the stars seem to slowly fall down at an illusory speed. The stars are close in front of him, but they push the night sky farther and farther, and his thoughts sink into silence along with the darker night.

From the time I saw the intricate experimental equipment and colorful demonstration pictures, it was destined that I would not be smooth sailing on the road of learning physics and chemistry. When I was young, I thought it was because I was a little smarter. Of course, I now know that it was those smart people who hadn’t started taking part in the game of life seriously .

“The maidservant is more than thirteen curly, cardamom shoots in early February” are like the sprouts on the cardamom shoots that have just sprouted in early February. When they are in a fragrant age, they are not so ignorant. Because “underestimating the enemy” opened his eyes and got to know the world after paying a heavy price. “The world is so big. As a small star, I have to study hard in the future to do my part to illuminate the world’s gloom.” At the time, I thought so and did so…a weak but small The steadfast figure is either struggling with writing or thinking hard in the middle of the night.

The thoughts were pulled back, and the band-aids were applied skillfully, and the tears and blood splashed on the ground were gently wiped off. The haziness of the lazy night has faded everything, while picking up the seven and eight pieces of calculation paper on the ground, the collages are glued together, but in fact, no matter how powerless it is, the only thing that has been with me is the night, and fortunately there is only the night. . Everything is lost to the night, as soft as moonlight, entraining the brilliance of stars on my shadow. Write and jump into the “sea”, my fish will eventually swim in the sea, even if it is vulnerable to drowning sometimes.

In fact, from the beginning to the end, because of the stubbornness of falling down countless times, I have also thought about being stunned, and because of the stubbornness not only to go beyond the dusk dozing off in the sky, listening to the waves of the moonlit night and feeling the sleepless night, I found it and pointed it out with bitterness. The direction of dawn.

Fortunately, you are with me silently, night. You let me know that a helpless island is accompanied by stars every night. Even if there are no stars, you also let me know that the dawn of dawn is the faith of warriors. People are not standing on the same starting line. If they are not reconciled, “arrogantly” and refuse to admit defeat, then try hard to settle themselves.

Sorry, today I have to be unfair to let you greet the dawn with me.