Only rich and quiet can there be noble temperament

Stepping into the lintel of August, the sun is like fire, the breeze is weak, and the waves cannot be blown, and the coolness cannot be called. The cicadas murmured, the flowers and plants bowed their heads, the willows lowered eyebrows, and there was heat and anxiety everywhere.

The noon sun is like a fire, baking the earth, everything is scorching hot, frantic, impetuous, and everything becomes the bread in the fire…

In such an afternoon, as long as there is a cup of tea, a book, a pen, and an afternoon, it is very happy .

Sitting quietly in front of the window, letting the world be hot, I am at ease, enjoying the light time alone, with a comfortable heart, savoring tea in tranquility, and tranquility in richness.

Thoughts stretched with the tea soup, and with the ups and downs of the books, the fragrance of tea drifted to the brows in the heart.

Unroll the paper roll, think freely, lift the pen wanton, and make flowers. The writing dances on the tip of the pen, moving clouds and flowing water, and springing toward the sun!

Zhou Guoping said: ” The best realm of life is rich and quiet: quiet is because you get rid of the temptation of fame and wealth from the outside, and rich because you have the treasures of the inner spiritual world.”

Deeply agree. In the scorching summer, only calmness can be cool. To restrain restlessness, only inner peace is the best health regimen.

Static can generate wisdom, static can be rational, static can cultivate one’s body, and static can be enlightened.

Busy and hustle, busy for fame and wealth, busy for money, busy than cars, busy envying others, busy and impetuous, busy with no time to think, so that my soul is covered with dust.

Unbalanced mind, uneasy mood. Quiet, let the heart find a sense of belonging, let the soul be sublimated, make life infinitely better, and make the spirit more full.

Yi Shu said: “Being quiet in everything, come quietly, go quietly, work quietly, harvest quietly, and don’t make noise.”

Quietness gives a woman a noble temperament and exudes charming charm. As long as you sit quietly or stand there, it is beautiful enough, and it is a beautiful and unique scenery.

A quiet woman, silent like a lotus, is like a lotus in the middle of the water, quietly blooming her own flowers and spreading her own leaves, but it is lightly fragrant and elegant, with a long charm; the lonely fragrance is not self-appreciating, not charming or confused, but above all flowers.

Enjoy life quietly, drink tea quietly, read and write quietly, and be your true self quietly. Women conquer the world with silence.

Quietness is a realm. It’s letting go, it’s relief.

Stay away from the noisy outside world and seek inward, and the spiritual world will become more and more abundant. Everything in the outside world has become a floating cloud, and no more gains and losses are accounted for. Life has been materially minimal, and the heart is strong and colorful.

If it is as still as the water, you can stand at the ferry of time, watch the wind and the leaves dance, listen to the cicadas and frogs, watch the moonlight of the lotus pond, and let the clouds roll and relax. The eyes are full of birds and flowers, and the heart is full of colors.

Tagore wrote in “Asuka Collection”: “When I have nothing to do, let me do nothing and sink into a quiet and deep place without being disturbed, just like the twilight of the sea when the sea is silent.”

Quietness makes the soul noble, like the twilight on the seashore, the light breeze is coming, the setting sun is shining, the seagulls return home, the sea is silent and deep…

Quietness is the wisdom and open-mindedness after experiencing the vicissitudes of the world; it is the inner peace of a person after the trough of high light; it is the feeling of seeing through the red dust and still loving life; it is the character of repaying grievances with morality and transcendence.

Just like Su Shi’s life, he has been going downhill all the time, experiencing the bereavement of his wife and children, and his career has been relegated. However, he accepts the arrangements of fate and lives the most wonderful life with an open-minded attitude. So that for thousands of years, it has become a light in the hearts of literati.

Only rich and quiet, there is noble temperament.

Mind calm is the calmness and tranquility after precipitation; it is the way of being in the world without worry. If you are not indifferent, there is no ambition, and if you are not quiet, there is no far. How quiet is the heart, how deep is the blessing.

The phase is born by the heart, and the state is created by the heart. A quiet person has a clean heart. The heart is not stained, but the heart is calm and cool!

In this hot summer day, in the hustle and bustle of this world, I hope you can not only enjoy the best but also bear the worst;

No matter how difficult it is, still hopeful, calmly and humbly, come to spend the rest of this precious life.