Once and now

I think every time I hit the space bar, I’m as confident as a dancer. When there is pain, there is sweetness. There must be a present. Unless you stop beating the melody, I am very happy and happy now. My wife and children are hot on the bed. , There are buns in the bag.

I also have songs that I don’t want to listen to. I like Li Zongsheng’s songs better now. Sometime I will listen to the song in a daze. Time can make you come out and make you wonder whether he is what you want and time can make you. Thinking more clearly, I think getting married at the age of 20 and 30 has nothing to do with age, beauty, money, your heart, and your eyes. At that moment, only the devil and angels in your heart know. .

But you personally know very well that I originally wanted to post a photo in Moments today. I’d better wait for it on July 7th. Today, I’ve been a little depressed for a day, and I’ve had a repeating life today. It’s okay. Nordson is still pretty good. Yes, let me see how many days it is today, 8 months and 9 days. I hope you will grow up happily, healthy and loving Master Kong. Loving Norson, legal husband Rui,