My kitchen impression

The scene of me going to the kitchen to cook still remains in my mind.

The first time I went to the kitchen was purely accidental. That was when I was studying in a technical school. One day, my father went to work and my mother was with relatives. I was on winter vacation at home and welcomed a few “uninvited guests”-some of my classmates. When the classmates arrived for the first time, of course they couldn’t let them go with their mouths empty, so I ducked onto the pot and went into the kitchen I had never been in before. I remember that at that time, there were 5 people in our family, and all cooking was done by a large pot with a pot. When cooking, firewood was used to ignite the wet slime, and then the coal fire was burned by the wind box. A meal not only has to endure the smoky fire, it also takes at least 1-2 hours to get it done, not to mention me, a novice. I took a large bunch of rice oranges, stuffed it into the hearth, then lit it with a match, then put wet coal on the fire, and then pulled the wind box tightly and waited for the flame. However, things backfired, and a large bundle of firewood ran out in a blink of an eye, but there was no fire. Not only did he make his face black, but he also made a lot of smoke in the kitchen. It really took care of the water in the pot and not the fire in the stove. I didn’t make it for a long time. In the end, my cousin helped me cook the meal. From then on, I started to hate the kitchen and didn’t know how to cook for a long time. Later, I got married and started a family. I moved into a building with a heated kang. Because my wife got off work later than me, I couldn’t help it. I was forced to go to the kitchen again. Fortunately, I didn’t use coal slime anymore. I have eaten, I already have an electric rice cooker, and I changed to burning lump coal. In this way, when I cook, I use an electric rice cooker to simmer some rice, and then use the stove to cook some dishes. Although it is also coal-burning, it will return to smoke occasionally on windy days, but the lump of coal is placed on the firewood without blowing it with a wind box. It ignited soon, and the fire was stronger than slime. A meal can be “taken down” in less time. Compared with the Yiqian kitchen, it is much easier and cleaner. In a blink of an eye, a few years later, the Xiaoqing Mine of the Tiefa Coal Industry Group where I work has increased its comprehensive control of mine gas. The gas that threatened the lives of miners and the environment has begun to turn waste into treasure. Miners like me have burned them all. When the gas was on, the stoves and kangs of all the homes we waited for had already “end of life”, and the new high-grade clean stoves entered the kitchen. Once, my wife returned to her natal house, and I had to go into the kitchen again. But now it’s much easier to enter the kitchen. I turn on the gas valve and lightly use the fire. The gas flame of the blue tile is blaring. I first steamed a pot of rice, fried dishes, and boiled a pot of water. All was done. It only took about 30 minutes. It was fast and clean. If it wasn’t for my poor cooking skills, the cooked food would be absolutely sweet. After this experience, I started to “look at the kitchen differently”. Whenever I have relatives from other places at home, I can’t help but “show a hand”. Of course, the most common compliment is always how good our gas is….

Now, in our mines, those low-concentration gas that cannot be used by civilians are recycled, and low-concentration gas power stations have been built, turning waste gas into electricity, adding new power to miners’ kitchens, and new home kitchens. Variety…….

Although my impression of the kitchen is very plain, it is very real, and it is inextricably linked to the coal mine, because it is a microcosm of the rapid development of the coal mine.