My heart is no longer spring

Unconsciously, the letterhead of time has been watermarked by the vicissitudes of life. Yesterday, I saw Chu Bu in front of the window, and today I have white hair on the head of the bed. As the flowers bloom and fall, the fleeting years have faded away. Time flies, like a white horse covering the past, hurriedly cast into a touch of sorrow of ” sighing about the flow of water, life is like a dream and easy to waste”.

When I was young, I wanted to live wonderfully. Regardless of the mountains and the waters, he walked through the ups and downs, bumpy roads, waded across the winding river, and thorns everywhere. The winds and rains, the tides and tides once slapped me to the bottom, the mountains and rivers finally ushered in the willows and the flowers; the red and the dust are all over the world, the world is cold and warm, the human feelings are cold and warm, the destiny is ups and downs, the prosperity and decline, in the deepest despair In the end, I waited for the most beautiful scenery.

Now, after half a lifetime away, those sentimental phases are over, and there is no more sluggishness, life and death, those so-called pains and entanglements are nothing but the tremors of blooming flowers. There is no room for lyricism , only a wait-and-see vision. Watching the world, but also watching yourself.

In the past, it was not easy to forgive others, let alone oneself. Today, everyone can see their faint suffering. Everyone is the same. Under their whitewashed appearances, there is a life full of flaws. Knowing these, you will not feel special or innocent. Looking back at yourself from this, nothing is unacceptable.

I learned to love this world, no longer a perfect illusion made up by some delusions and conjectures in the past, I learned to accept this world as it is, love it, and be happy to belong to it.

My heart is no longer spring, but summer. I am no longer intoxicated, nor do I want to share the beauty of afar and my own happiness with my loved ones. The sound of my hometown echoing in my heart is calmer than before, and my thoughts will no longer add a dreamy color to the hazy distance.

I am no longer ecstatic, but I smile. Smile not with lips, but with heart, eyes, and every inch of skin. I am more restrained, more profound, and more grateful than before. I am lonely, but I don’t suffer from loneliness . I ask for nothing, my eyes are satisfied with what I see, and I learned to see, and the world becomes more beautiful because of this.

Nowadays, I live a life of nature with a peaceful, stable, and unhurried mentality, and live a life that is easy to come by with a willing attitude. Do not admire vanity, stay away from vanity, do what you want to do, love the person you want to love, and see the scene you want to see. Everything in this world returns to the original simplicity, and returning to the original is a kind of abundance.

In a hundred years of life, there is not much time to squander. Time is always in a hurry, too in a hurry, life will eventually turn into dust and dirt and return to the infinity of the universe. Learn to cherish the present and live in the present. There are windows with sunshine, flowers to admire, and books to read. Even if you have tea and rice, it is a good life.

After walking for so long, I finally understand: the prosperity is not worthy of the inner freedom and relaxation; I finally learned to meditate with the time, and treat the wind and clouds as the gurgling spring water, without being surprised or disturbing, and feeling at ease.

For the rest of my life, I just want to watch the yearning, live my life like boiled water, and enjoy the light beauty in the ordinary fireworks and secular life!