My heart is home

Whenever I go back to my hometown and talk about the feelings of living outside , I can always hear “It’s far from home as far away as home. The days of not interacting with each other are like going to jail.” Seek the old”, “You can talk here and talk there in your hometown, how interesting is it”, “The world is full of strangers, and there is no one who can talk to each other, and you can’t live a day like this.” … too many similar In this case. But in my opinion, I disagree.

And nick, I still remember very clearly that, just over a year after staying at Baibu Yating, a female scholar engaged in sociological research asked me during a forum: “Have you ever encountered embarrassing things that local people rejected?” “No matter where we are, some part of us is a stranger”, which fully confirms the legitimacy of the words said by the famous Japanese writer Haruki Shushang in “The stranger”. When I heard her question that surprised me a lot, I thought a little bit, “When I am not inferior to you, or even better than you, why do you reject me?”? I asked her jokingly. Surprisingly, it made her a little embarrassed.

“We Communists are like seeds, and the people are like land. When we reach a place, we must unite with the people there, take root and blossom among the people.” This is a famous philosophical statement by Comrade Mao Zedong . Although it is true that he is a member of the Communist Party, as a group of ordinary residents who have recently moved in and retired in another residence, rather than a person with a political mission as mentioned in Mao Zedong’s discussion, naturally they do not have such a mission and Take charge. Nevertheless, from another perspective, Mao Zedong’s words can still fully demonstrate that a person should have the ability to blend in with the local residents no matter where they are or where they go.

Say this, it’s not because spending time means the family of human relations point of view, is the life realm greatest happiness dictates; nor the cost of living is due to the economic level, whether vegetables or shopping, etc., it is possible to consider slightly lower ; It does not refer to the rich and colorful community cultural activities, which undoubtedly increases the reasons for people to choose from,……. In other words, based on all of the above, the quality of life and happiness index have been greatly improved, and physical and mental health has also been significantly enhanced because of a good quality of life. In order to better explain the proposition that since I came to live in Wuhan, I have not even a little bit of loneliness and loneliness , let’s talk about my true feelings with facts here.

In the real experience of less than five years of actual life in Wuhan Baibuting community in a foreign country, this kind of beautiful feeling brought me is really not worse than any aspect of my hometown. Even more affluent and happier than hometown. Because of what? In my full experience with all the local interactions, I can’t see any difference in any aspect, let alone any embarrassment of being rejected, because I have completely integrated into the new interpersonal circle. I am already one of them, so I naturally get their unanimous and broad recognition, and my heart is at ease.

The concept of Baibuting community as hometown was formed naturally, and it has been solidified into a model. Let’s take a look, the annual condolences have me, the free newspapers have me, the travels have me, and the advanced appraisals have me as well! What’s more, some people have me in their dinner, some kind of activity place, some kind of improper party, … When you have fully integrated into a new social circle of mutual respect and friendship, that is to say, when you have me in you and you are in me, everyone is in a happy and happy social life atmosphere, Do you still have the boring and boring moments that you feel as if you are in jail?

When a phone call comes from time to time, and a hello beckon calls you at every turn, do you still feel lonely as uncomfortable with others? And at this time, do you still keep chanting the old clichés of “people only seek the old, and things only seek the new”, which are obviously outdated? Obviously, you have completely integrated into the new social life atmosphere. At this time, you can only follow others happily and passively. Words like strange, jailed, and lonely, I’m afraid you would have thrown them into the Pacific Ocean long ago.

Here, let me talk about another touching example. As long as the activities led by Liu Xingwang, I was almost always praised by him as a guest and put on the podium with many titles that made me blush, and sometimes he had to let you make a speech or something.

On the one hand, it shows that Liu Xingwang, who has excellent cultivation, has great respect for others, but on the other hand, it also shows that in this atmosphere of rich social life, what is left for you is only more and more happy days. This is also the case for Ji. I participated in all the activities hosted or invited by him. There are also Ruan Yan, Li Zuyi, Wu Huiqiong, Zhou Qiaoyun, Liu Xiaoping, Le Yueming, Le Guangping, the various incidents that concern my family, as well as the conversations with me, I am very moved.

Since I came to live in Wuhan, due to the experience and accumulation of humanities and things, the sparks of inspiration that others have never had, have become more and more obvious in literature . Significant progress has been made in the grasp and writing of literary genres such as essays , reportage, novels , reviews, and communications. This little trick should be considered a specialty. But I want to say that I have never, and never had the slightest thought of despising others because of this.

Doesn’t it mean that inches are longer and feet are shorter? On the contrary, he always compares his own shortcomings to the strengths of others, so he doesn’t have the slightest capital to be proud of and show off. This also inspires the feelings of not being public, not causing trouble, not grudges, and worthy of others. Therefore, respecting others, respecting the elders, and respecting ethics are always the laws that I follow.

But it is because of this kind of meager expertise that is slightly better than others, especially when works such as “Into the Baibuting Garden and Grand View Garden Series” were released, it attracted some people’s attention. When a reader talked about his hobbies when chatting with others in the “Baibuting Journalist Group”, he said: “I love to watch Tao Jiazong’s prose”, and he also said to others: “There is a prose writer Tao Jiazong who wrote I want to use his “view” to improve my ability to discover Baibuting’s’viewing’ scene, use literary viewpoints to discover the beauty of Baibuting, and use his’view’ to’find beauty’.”

The prose “Autumn in Baibuting” and “The Garden of Baibuting, My Second Hometown” were even selected as school extracurricular reading materials. Others choose the subject of the speech from their own prose. Some people who do not know, after reading the works, searched and inquired about themselves everywhere, and some went to see the scenic spots in the articles they wrote . There is a 34-year-old female agency worker. The first reflection after seeing me and knowing the name, counted the articles I wrote one by one. Some met, and once they knew that the article was written by me, they immediately stood in awe and praised them. Some even made some works, and made a phone call of enthusiastic praise and expectation,…

Out of the way to pass the time, the means of pastime, especially the joy of joy and play, the more or less writing all day long is undoubtedly my spiritual sustenance, emotional attachment, and the way to release my mood . But then? There seems to be a situation in which one’s own affairs cannot be determined by oneself. The order of life has begun to change, and I am far from being limited to this. It feels like being pushed forward by someone so that you have to go. ——

Just one day in early 2014, an unfamiliar phone called, “You go to the director of the Baibuting Party Office Zhang Jitao, and he will discuss with you about important matters.” The anxious heart kept cracking. Why did Director Zhang, who had never dealt with him, suddenly come to me? After going there, I learned that I was asked to take over the responsibility of the editor-in-chief of “Baibuting Literature” founded by a super-large community with hundreds of thousands of people.

In this way, while I continue to enjoy spiritual sustenance, emotional attachment, and emotional release, I will edit the manuscripts sent by residents from time to time, and then I will publish an issue of “Baibuting Literature” that many people are looking forward to from time to time.

On the second anniversary of the birth of “Baibuting Literature”, I suddenly saw on the “Baibuting Community Net” that two authors, Jiang Shansen and Zhong Minsi, had a sense of “Reading “Baibuting Literature” carefully created by the main members of the editorial board. The hidden head poem of “Fu”. But I am very moved, and I have never known either of the two authors. One of the songs about myself is written like this:

To Tao Jia Zongjun

Cultivating sentiment, Wu Su Jian, Family Chu Wanjuan Cang Wei compiled.

The master fan is novel and unique, and Jun Mo is incredibly fragrant.