Mengli yells her voice

The rain in the south is fine and dense, pattering and pattering, and it gives people unfounded melancholy. Because of this sadness, I can’t sleep tonight in another country.

Unable to sleep, he simply opened his eyes and looked out the window. Looking at the dark sky, listening to the sound of rain changing from pattering to rustling, my thoughts began to drift away, drifting away, and the sound of the bedside clock ticking away in the dimly hazy way.

Gradually, nothing was heard. Gradually, I heard some chattering voices. These voices were deliberately lowered, and high pitches appeared from time to time. In my confusion, I only heard shouting “Global!” and a clear pop. Oh, it turned out that it was my mother and the others playing cards. . Soon these voices were suppressed, and I heard the sound of rain in a trance.

It was a downpour. Moo! Moo! Moo, moo… The buffalo was shouting not far away from the rain curtain, and moo… the little buffalo was responding. Patter, patter, patter, in the sound of the heavy rain hitting the window, I seem to see the scene of cattle herders stepping on splashing puddles to drive cattle.

Gradually, everything went away and returned to silence. Gradually, I heard the sound of cicadas, and then I heard one or two crowings of chickens, ducks, dog barks, and the sound of motorcycle engines. Ah, there is also the whisper of the wind blowing over the banana leaves.

Jingling, Jingling, everything came to an abrupt end. In the silence, I looked out of the window in the gray, rainy day with fine, dense, drizzling rain, and suddenly felt more melancholy in my heart.