Meet the best you in the most beautiful summer

Quietly reverie under the starry sky of summer night, accompanied by the hazy moonlight, into a sweet dream, wandering in the shining galaxy, looking for the footprints you left alone, at that moment, my heart began to become restless Uneasy, you live in my heart, but I have been following your footsteps, you landed in the starry sky where I was, but I want to run to you desperately.

Romantic summer nights are always suitable for dreaming about a beautiful future, and in my plans for the future, you have always been there. Although we have not known each other for too long, you have already walked into my heart and are used to being alone. The lonely me, I started to pay attention to your every move. In every sleepless night, I will chat with you and share all the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys with you, just because you are unique in my heart and no one can replace it.

I like summer because I meet an unforgettable person every summer. I like the starry sky because the starry sky represents hope. I like you because you have a warm feeling that makes me involuntarily want to get closer. Whenever I get closer For a little bit, my heart will fall into it and cannot extricate myself from it. Whenever I enter the sweet whirlpool, I will feel extremely happy. I was always too stubborn and could not learn to be gentle, but at the moment I met you, I couldn’t help it. I want to be gentle.

My gentleness is the best proof. My love for you is hard to get over. Although I can’t restrain my impulses sometimes, all impulses are related to you. You are the light in my heart and a gift from heaven. My gift, meeting you, is my luck in this life, I am proud to fall in love with you, the evening breeze is cool, blowing on my cheeks, with a refreshing breath, I write romantic words for you, with The text creates a beautiful dream for you.

In the evening, the night sleeps on the galaxy, the opposite bank of the galaxy is where you are, I become an angel, spread my wings, and fly to the opposite bank of the galaxy, you rush to me and give me a warm hug, July The night is quiet and beautiful, fireflies are flying around us, a shooting star, across the sky, bright light, illuminating the entire sky.

I closed my eyes and made a wish to the shooting star, looking forward to being with you and moving towards a better future, you gently kissed my cheek, how I hope that time is suspended at this moment, it’s all this, just a dream, After waking up from the dream, I started a busy life as usual. That romantic dream made my heart be occupied with sweetness, and there was a bright smile on the corners of my mouth.

As if not, like every three autumns, people who fall in love , long misses , always make people feel melancholy. Whenever I miss you, I always look through the chat history on my phone , over and over again, and start to change I have been anxious, how many times, because I miss you, my heart is depressed, but the moment I see you, there is a bright smile on my face.

Mention you in front of my friends, I always feel proud, because you have always been the best you in my heart. Although some people always want me to give up their love for you, I don’t care about their opinions at all, because I know that loving someone requires courage to face everything. This determination has not changed.

I will sue you in the park and talk about each other’s concerns, make a promise of love on the blue sea, hug you tightly at the busy airport, hold your hand on the bustling and lively streets, and enjoy life. Wonderful, these are the things I want to do with you, and they are also my long-cherished wish. A person’s weekend is a bit lonely. Only when two people enjoy the beauty of life together in their leisure time will they feel happy in their hearts.

Couples on the street are holding hands and telling sweet words of love, but I start to envy them, saying that love can change a person, and everyone who falls into love will become more and more gentle. All the disguise and defenses used to be Unloading, leaving behind, there is only a rare innocence, that innocence will gradually make life better and better.

Falling in love with someone, forgetting the differences in status and status, and will not alienate each other because of distance. Dreaming of someone may be accidental, but in every dream of mine, there is your figure. Isn’t it a rare thing? lucky?

I am willing to give everything for you, but I have no regrets, just because you are the one worthy of my love. For you, I am willing to change myself and make myself better, so that I can continue to follow you The footsteps of us make each other a better selves. In love, we create our own miracles. Although there are many things to face between us, as long as we have each other in our hearts, we will no longer be afraid of difficulties and obstacles. Love is not as beautiful as idol drama, but it is more exciting than idol drama.

Feeling warm in ordinary life, feeling warm in ordinary life, this warm feeling, there is nothing to replace, I used to know how to love someone, but now I understand, I thought that I used to be I no longer have the ability to love, but now I have regained the feeling of heartbeat.

This heart-warming feeling supports me and keeps me surpassing myself, but I never ask for your response. Although you have many shortcomings, I choose to be tolerant and not tired of you because you are not perfect. , Although I sometimes have concerns about the future, but you have been silently by my side, never going far.

Before I met you, I thought I would never have the ability to love someone desperately. Now I realized that my heartbeat will happen inadvertently, a feeling of heartbeat, with a little sweetness, it’s me who is quietly I miss you and want to be close to you, so I always strike up a conversation with you when I meet you, and want to get to know you slowly, so I always chat with you on WeChat until late at night. There are endless words between us. No matter what happens in a day, I will tell you one to five.

No matter what setbacks I have experienced, you will silently encourage me and let me regain the courage to make a comeback. Summer is so beautiful because I met you in the vast sea of ​​people. From then on, my world is full of sweetness, happiness, and totality. It came inadvertently and opened my heart that has been sealed in dust for a long time.

The busy airport still has people coming and going, people who are used to the busy, still staying up late and working overtime, the bustling city is still as lively as usual, but I can recognize you at a glance in the constant flow of people, and then run desperately To you, the moment you got on the plane and went to a strange city, my mood started to fall.

When I went to see you in your city during the holiday, I could no longer restrain the joy of my heart. How much I hope to see you soon, but I have to choose to wait and wait for that day to come, how I hope I can run to you desperately. Even if the road ahead is full of thorns, I will not give up the deep attachments in my heart. There is no substitute for this attachment.

A person is waiting in front of the platform, waiting for you to come to me, in the sleepless night, silently chanting your name, over and over again, I can’t calm my heart for a long time, and I reunite with you for a long time. I’ve waited for a long time. But it is your tired figure, you must have not slept the night before you reunited with me, right?

I really wanted to ask you, but I still didn’t say it. It’s a rare fortune to be able to meet again after a long time. Two people who miss each other can enjoy the beauty of life after they meet again. It is also a rare fortune. You There is still no change in my appearance, and so is me. In each other’s hearts, we are still the best selves, and I feel lucky because of this.

The morning sun is still shining, and the sound of the alarm clock is still crisp. Some people have started a busy life, but some people have a new vision of life at this moment, and I am with you, bathing in the sun and feeling life. Comfortable and beautiful, clear and shallow time, with a touch of romance, I walk with you through the tree-lined paths, breathing fresh air, our happiness is that simple, but I hope time Go slowly, so that I can always be by your side and share all the happiness with you.

You have fallen into my heart. From then on, my world has become rich and colorful. I follow your footsteps, how I wish to have a pair of wings and fly to the distance in my heart. The scenery in the distance is as beautiful as a picturesque place. I haven’t been to many places. I am in this place, but I really want to find time, but take a look at the scenery that I have never seen before. The world is constantly changing every day. All kinds of people make life wonderful, but my heart for you , Has not changed, because of you, I became more brave than before, because of you, I began to understand how to be a better version of myself, because of you, I have the motivation to move forward, because of you, I no longer feel Lonely.

The happiest thing is that the person you miss is also silently missing you. The best feeling is that you understand and stop talking. The happiest thing is that there is someone who lives in your heart. On, and the person in my heart has always been you. Although you have no wealth, you can make me feel warm. Although you are not romantic enough, you can tolerate my shortcomings. Although you are not handsome enough, you can let me let go All the stubbornness, in front of others, I am always so stubborn, in front of you, I am willing to show all the gentleness, this gentleness belongs to you alone.

In the most beautiful summer, meeting the best of you is the greatest fortune of my life. In the most beautiful time, I will compose the movement of love and move towards a better future with you. Although we will experience countless setbacks, I will never Giving up love for you requires countless tests, but I always believe that we in the future will definitely live a happy life, and our hearts will always be tightly connected until the end of the years!