Due to the lack of thoughtfulness in the composition, I haven’t been close to the writing for a long time. Although I wanted to write a longer piece of work, but I don’t know why I can’t calm down. Sometimes, when inspiration comes to visit, I receive rather without passion. Everyone knows that the inspiration guy is very arrogant. If you don’t pay attention to it, or even show your enthusiasm, he will leave without even saying hello. Of course, I also know that if you want to be able to truly entertain inspiration, you must fully prepare for mentality and strength.

In the days when I was in contact with inspiration, I slowly discovered that in terms of my life habits, it is difficult for me to entertain far-reaching inspirations. Because the most valuable inspirations in the world ultimately bring about success, the cost of hard work in the work phase is also extremely high. Since I am not a person who can easily manage “likes” forever, so I always give up when I feel a little tired. I simply thought that giving up like this would at least be worthy of my own mind and body, even if it seemed a bit negative.

I have been in love with writing for a long time, and I have broken up with it during this period, probably because of “loving the new and disgusting the old” or forced by life. But in my bones, words are now an eternal memory of my heart. Whether it was a breakup in the past, or a small parting and buried deep in my heart, all of this expresses the truest and most eternal aspect of human nature. Those who can single-mindedly use accumulated boredom to achieve success, they must be very great. I deeply admire and admire such people, even though I am unable to be one of them.

I haven’t been able to entertain my inspiration well, and my heart has not been very calm. I have tried to increase some opportunities to talk with Shanshui in order to attract the patronage of inspiration. It’s a pity that if you invite inspiration with a heart of expectation, your heart becomes more irritable. I get more irritability, and my heart is in contact with tiredness. I can no longer accept the feeling of tiredness, so I love myself again, and throw away the invitation to inspiration. However, just as I was performing the cut-off, I passed by a piano shop and heard the sound of guzheng playing from inside. The infinitely clear and soft string sound made me deeply intoxicated.

As an Aries, I did seem a little impulsive at the time. Just because I felt the sound of the guzheng was beautiful when I tested it, I decided to buy a guzheng and put it at home, thinking that at least it would be enough to add a new content to the recreational catalog. However, subconsciously, I still feel that if I don’t feel awkward with my inspiration, it seems unlikely that I will invite the Guzheng home so impulsively, because I remember that there are more girls bullets the Guzheng. If you want to get in touch with plucked instruments, maybe buying a guitar is the better choice.

To be honest, learning to play Guzheng is mainly for meditation. In my memory, the occasions where the guzheng appeared were generally more elegant, while the guitar was often mixed with rock and roll, and it felt very noisy. I have never seen a madman who dared to sing and dance on stage with a guzheng. How can people like Guzheng! Therefore, in a sense, it is quite appropriate to use the word “out of the mud but not stained” to praise the guzheng, which is also a plucked instrument. After I started to learn to play the Guzheng, I seldom went to the writing place. I think I was very attracted by the Guzheng. The text is often a bit lost and complains that I like the new and dislike the old, and my weak explanation will inevitably overflow with tinge of shame.

Perhaps, if inspiration is not so arrogant; perhaps, if I have the strength to be able to treat inspiration every time, I believe that my love with words should enter an enviable situation. I just sigh that the past has passed, but I have not mastered the excellent skills of receiving inspiration. Although for me, playing Guzheng is not as easy as playing the flute, but the bright, crisp and soft sound that comes from the resonance box when playing the piano is really intoxicating; especially playing Guzheng alone in the middle of the night, even more. It will produce a feeling of fascinating heart; if I can immerse in the quiet lingering of the piano sound, the quietness of the world will become the peaceful moon in my heart…

As I am about to enter the year of knowing my fate, I still chose to learn to play the Guzheng in an unfettered way of self-study. In fact, Guzheng is not only suitable for self-study, but also suitable for self-entertainment. I remember that I didn’t study for many days, and then I started to try to sing the song “Fate May” with a single tone. Since there are no “4” and “7” notes in this song, which are relatively difficult to play for guzheng, it is extremely easy to learn. The unexpected gain is that when I accidentally sang this melodious and tactful “May of Fate”, I suddenly felt that although the words of this type of song are quiet and graceful, if I want to make my heart, I can follow Quiet for a while, then, humming such a song, the effect is quite good.

In short, since learning to play Guzheng, my heart has begun to calm down slowly. I comfortably realized from the taste of tranquility that the success or failure of the secular world will be fleeting, and the peace and joy that conforms to the heaven and the earth can exist for a long time. Therefore, only by assimilating the heavens and the earth with their own minds can people have long-term peace of mind and no longer be troubled by sorrows.

Tonight, my heart is as quiet as a zither; my flying fingers dance gracefully on the strings of the zither. Moonlight, splashed on my face; time, sprinkled in my heart… a thousand kinds of charming, all kinds of soft and charming-just for the most affectionate flower, in the quiet night, slowly opening…