Love yourself

After a round of dating apps, I found that men don’t like fat, look good, don’t want to be deceived, and don’t want second marriages. The men who dare to post photos are not ugly, and the conditions at home are good. Sunshine is confident, purely a show, how can you be single?

Good boys, there are too many good boys, I can’t meet them, so be alone.

I want to have a good job. I want to work hard. Maybe for me, who is late for everything, it is more worthwhile to have an easy and stable job.

Then I can buy the cake I like after get off work.

People, if you want to live with dignity, a little bit of privilege, comfortable and not wronged, you must have money.

So it’s important to work hard to make money, and it’s important to save money. It can be prepared for emergencies, and it can also make you ask for less.

My mother didn’t give me an injection, and I tried to kill any small programs, but there was no way. I often felt that I was a bitch, nobody cared. I also asked my ex-boyfriend and didn’t treat me. Seriously.

In fact, it’s a big deal to fight something else, and it’s a big deal to fight again when you have money. There are always many ways to continue . Life should go on. I don’t want to cry, don’t get sulking, and be confident. Problems that can be solved can always be solved, problems that can’t be solved. , Worrying is useless, fortunately, it can be resolved, as long as I start saving money.

I, to be good to myself, except for the pure sweetness of the sugar that I give myself, everyone else has to pay the price for their sugar. I want to eat pure sweet sugar.

The things I wrote before opening are all from 18 years and 19 years. When has the time passed until 2021?

I have done some messy things. Looking back, everything started from the beginning. The step I want to get out of the house is both anticipation and fear. I am afraid of losing my little space, clean bed, and chance to go home. Fewer and fewer……

Time is really fast. It’s almost time to blame myself. I didn’t go to bed a day early, I didn’t wake up a day early to endorse, I didn’t work hard for learning, and I didn’t get any results in the end. Maybe, I’m suitable to take it slowly. .

Lack of summary, why go back to look at things from 18 years, 19 years, or 2020, what I did back then, I seem to have achieved something by learning the easiest way, but I always get lost. Infected by easy entertainment, and spend it watching the phone . Delayed timing. I was anxious, it was not good, but I made up my mind when I counted down 20 days. Now I am devastated and I don’t know tomorrow. I pray that tomorrow will be slower and I will get what I want.