Love is made of water

“There is no fragrance of flowers, no height of trees, I am a grass that no one knows, never lonely , never annoying, you see my friends everywhere, spring breeze, spring breeze, you blow me green, sunshine and sunshine. Shine me on…” This song sang

For many years, in people’s faintly forgotten memories, to our elementary school teachers, it is so appropriate, so powerful, so appropriate, and so meaningful. Do you want to know why? Then let us walk into it!

The time sequence is already blooming, and the village elementary school under the clear sky of Lang Lang seems to have entered the sultry season. Men and women look radiant in the elegant environment, familiar and unfamiliar faces combined into a picture of the diligent color of the descendants of a great mountain.

In the environment under the influence of the new coronavirus, a collection of many individuals, they share their responsibility to the country, society, and children, and devote their lives to education. They devote themselves to online education. Wholeheartedly pave the way for each student to grow up. The mountains and rivers in their notebooks and textbooks are filled with the colorful lines of life . Between the lines, they are dotted with the hard work of a teacher. The red and white dots are filled with the subconscious mind of a lively life. The concept reminds me of Zhang Zeduan’s Qingming Shanghe, perfect handwriting and rich connotation.

The cherry blossoms were blooming and the jasmine flowers were scented. The teachers saw the dirty old cupboards pulled from the university. Needless to say, they stretched out their hands one by one, unloaded them from the car, and carried them to the door of the kitchen. The principal gathered all the teachers and divided them into two groups, one group to clean the books and the other to wash the cabinets. Our teacher, immediately acted.

This group, dirty and dark cabinets! In the hands of the teachers, the dirt walked towards the dust and dusk. Not long after, each white living body showed a beautiful demeanor. In that group, the messy books are spinning around in their hands. I don’t know where they are going, our teacher! Let them glow with radiant youth, rows of smiles, rows of tidbits, waiting for the guests of cauliflower.

The song of labor is soft in the delicate world and the joyful voice opens in the track of time, passing the hot hour, passing the evening rhyme of wild birds…Although the blue sky of sunset is passing by the smile, but sad The rural elementary schools in the Laoshan Department are enthusiastic and unrestrained. Our teacher combined a colorful sky full of clouds.

After leaving, the driver said: “I don’t know many words. I respect the teacher. I have a trip with you. I understand a lot. The profession of teachers is not easy.”

I have no words. I was thinking: the night is deep, the lights are dim, there is no joy, no singing and dancing, we walked into the night sky as a teacher, looking for our own coordinates.

Flowers cannot do without the sun, trees cannot do without rain, love is made of water.