Love is deep in spring

The spring breeze gently blows across the southern land, the trees are growing green leaves, the flowers are blooming, the lake is rippling, the sky is blue, white clouds are fluttering, the sun is shining, and the world is warm and bright.

In the southern country in winter, there is a cold rain from time to time, and the winter breeze blows, and a burst of cold rushes toward you. Those women in a hurry can’t help but wrap their coats tightly. The winter is not bad, the scenery is also beautiful, the ice sticks are all over the branches, and the whole world is dazzling white.

Rain, diving into the night with the wind, moisturizing things silently. And I think that the spring breeze is alive, one or two drops gently fall on the leaves, making the leaves glow with emerald green luster. In the spring rain, kiss the flowers softly and make them more beautiful. Chun Yu used his fingertips to paint on the lake and write poems in a woman’s heart.

Spring time is a period of warmth. The sun is smiling at us, we stretch out our hands, let the light penetrate the fingertips, and have a warm conversation.

In spring, mango flowers are dazzlingly blooming, blossoming, clusters, smiling and dotted with branches. The bauhinia is also in full bloom, like bunches of purple flames, burning with charm and glory.

Spring is my favorite season. Willows are green and red, full of colors, and everything is so vibrant. Walking on the long boulevard, looking up at the sky, he couldn’t help but smile at the sun.

The spring breeze is the gentlest wind in the four seasons. When I was in the rain, wearing a purple dress and stepping on high heels, the wind gently blew my hair, as if you, whom I love, were gently combing my hair.

In spring, the endless light blue, like your broad mind, let me rely on, let me act like a baby, let me find a embrace that I can rely on in the rolling red dust.

In the spring rain, I am like a pink peach, even though I don’t have the face of an allure, the strength of winter plums, the elegance of summer bamboo, and the variety of autumn chrysanthemums, but my heart is pink, in your embrace Gentle dance, only in your tears, I see you love me a thousand times, and love it all.

Spring is the season of outing. I spend joyous and beautiful days with you between water and clouds. The young heart is flying, you are the wind, I am the sand, lingering on the horizon. We planted peach blossoms, and you and I made a vow for three lives and three generations. Only when the heaven and the earth are in harmony can we dare to fight against the king. The cattail is as tough as silk, and the rock has no transfer.

Spring is the season of love. Between the water and the clouds, the mountains and the water are beautiful. Friends with clouds, love with flowers, enjoying the bright spring, chanting poems and paintings in the curtain-like spring rain, weaving a bright future in the spring rain.

Love is deep in spring. Love boldly, this is an age of freedom; love affectionately, don’t let down this beautiful season, this beautiful scenery, don’t miss such a wonderful time.

Love is deep in spring. How many times have you heard from heaven and earth? Our youth should be described with enthusiasm and not forgetting our original intentions. Love the wind, love the rain, love the sun, love the spring flowers, love the blue sky, never leave each other, pay for love, let us sing the song of spring, hand in hand, travel all over the world, visit the spring, sing all over the world Cloud and moon.