Looking towards the clouds, watching the rain at dusk

Wearing a light body, awake from sleep, the experience in the dream has been forgotten, and he can’t even remember a few dreams. The whole body is full of energy, welcoming a new day. Open the window, breathe the first ray of fresh air, open the door, and greet the first guest. It’s too late to clean up the mess in the room. The setting sun shines in the lens of the dressing table, emitting a dazzling light, and the sleepy eyes suddenly wake up, all the things around are still shining as usual, only the light of the setting sun appears lively and full of freshness. He jumped onto the table and lay motionless on the table like a child. I know her purpose very well. She is purely playful and wants to use her excess body temperature to warm up the tabletop. Therefore, a new day, even a cold wooden table, can be the first time Feel the warmth of the sunset.

Looking out from the window, the horizon can be glimpsed, and there are clusters of clouds wandering. They don’t know when they came together and formed, so that when I was drunk and dreaming, she was still awake and adding gestures to the sky frequently, so that it could not guess out of thin air when I would be sober and where I would be. When you open the window, when will you cast your eyes to the horizon where it is. He can always clean himself clean, without any dust, and carrying a little moist breath, marching entrenched and marching into the green trees and deep mountains.

Shanhua is gone, I am a little confused, but with such a clear mind, I can’t predict her heart. She is so unruly, changing in time and space, and when I sit with my legs numb and my eyes dizzy, I am relieved and understand that all this is just illusion. It seems that it carries all my curiosity on its body. Following it, I want to explore every corner of the world, although I only imagined it and left an inconspicuous dust on this cliff!

The blue sky is wide enough to plan the best route to explore the wonders of the world. The stage of heaven and earth is broad enough to allow everyone in all living beings to interpret their own stories and perform their own splendor. Na Yun seemed to set a precedent, only to see the courage of future generations, dare to follow closely behind. Spend the night away from the tiredness of yesterday, and it is time to start a new show full of energy today, and it will not let those who look forward to tomorrow’s wonderful continuation go away in embarrassment. The blooming flowers are particularly dazzling by the seasons. After blooming, there will be a new fragrance on the dividing line of the seasons, and then draw a beautiful chapter for the next season.

Falling into a drop in the ocean, immersed in all living beings, unable to find, but everywhere. When the rain is everywhere, in the midst of fleeing in a hurry, there are more than one people fleeing in a hurry and embarrassment. Fortunately, I can get a place to stay away from this rain! The sky is getting dark and miserable, and it seems that he has found the right time to contribute to this chasing action. Therefore, the originally rugged and difficult winding road is even more difficult under the dim sky. But people seem to have no extra time to hesitate, pick and choose, regardless of the difficulties and twists of the pipeline, they just move forward with a single brain, and instinctively rush towards the direction of the “home” in their hearts.

The setting sun faded its halo and fell sadly to the top of the mountain. It remained on the rocks, the ridges, and the residual temperature in the houses, and was all washed away by the rain. The flock of birds also trembles with their feathers in embarrassment, escapes into the jungle silently, waiting for the arrival of a new day.

No one has ever asked if a new day will come, or even if there will be a new day. They will always believe that a new day will come, as usual, as expected in their hearts, with mild weather, gentle sunshine, and quiet time, allowing all beautiful things to continue exactly as expected. Happen!