Little luck in life

Today, I picked up a small flower pot from the storage room and planted a small branch of radish sprouts. Looking closely at the only two small leaves on the stalk, it became more and more lovely. There is a trace of comfort in my heart, and then I am happy.

Yes! Life can be lazy, and the spirit can’t be decadent. With Ah Q’s optimistic attitude, I find that the little luck in life, happiness sometimes lies in this inadvertently.

Recently, in order to avoid the plague, stay at home and do nothing. Although he was irritable, he was also at ease. I finally have time to calm down and think about the personal gains and losses of the past half a lifetime. Over and over again, I found that it can only be used for self-judgment with the word “wasted”.

Open the old days and find that it used to be really slow.

Although he runs hard, he is still at the origin of life . I have passed through different inns and the scenery of the journey has been circulating intentionally and unintentionally. Once rubbing shoulders with many people, in a hurry, most of them have become passers-by, just like flowing clouds, coming and going in the years. Work has not changed, despite hard work, it is still mediocre; life has not changed, although hard work is still mediocre. Therefore, getting along becomes a daily routine, carelessly, and miss a lot of flowers blooming.

I tried my best to build a castle for myself, but in the end, it was just a pile of sand sculptures, without a trace.

I opened the old photo album and felt that it was so fast before!

Half a lifetime is flying by, and there is no time to look back, and many have become regrets! People say that the years are like clouds and smoke. The smoke is easy to disperse, changing rapidly, and there is no trace.

It is always an excuse to always say that you are too rushed. Many of the most precious people in life, the best things in life, did not catch it in time, did not cherish it with heart, and did not strive to keep it. As a result, there will never be any intersection with my life, leaving regret or sadness !

People! Sometimes I always hope that there will be a tree in the road ahead, changing the scenery of the four seasons for myself, and waiting for myself piously. However, time will not stay for anyone, going around and around, gathering and dispersing for no reason.

I suddenly remembered the words of JK Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter”: “When a person is deeply loved, even though the person who loves us has left, he (she) will leave us with an amulet forever.” Yes, I can’t let go of my dearest relatives and elders who have left me. They have taken care of me for half of my life, and they are my eternal amulet.

Whenever you open the memory and organize the storage, you will always find that some stories have taken root in your heart and have grown into poplar trees in the desert.

However, the deceased are as good as they are, and the saints still have this helplessness. I wait for the mayfly generation, so why worry and sigh!

The sorrows and joys of the past have been preserved, and the gains and losses in the future are unpredictable. Only “living in the present” is the true meaning of life. Therefore, like a cup of light tea, like a pot of sake, taste the poetry of ordinary life; focus on a porridge, care about a meal, chew the romance of ordinary days.

Discover the little luck and happiness in life , grasp the fleeting happiness and beauty in every moment, tap the tolerance and satisfaction of the heart, and know how to be grateful and cherish life.

Aren’t these just the little blessings in life! Just like the little green dill that I just planted with only two tender leaves, one day it will be “swishful” and “swirls”.