Listen to the sound of the sea

A small leaf boat is made from a piece of dead wood, which follows the Jinsha River down the river, travels thousands of miles, and finally reaches the wide ocean. When the waves rise, I hold on to the oars to fight against the ripples; when the waves are calm, my narrow vision can finally indulge thousands of miles. In the unfamiliar watershed, a strange sail shadow floated from the horizon, and the people who stopped on the other side could not have thought that it was me, running around in the sound of the sea, silently.

Putting away a giant fishing net, the fish can swim boldly in the middle of the sea, pair in groups, enjoy free breathing, spit out crystal blisters, dreamlike, and then disappear in the dream. They could not hear voices, drowning in the sea blue in the day; they can not even distinguish the look of the sea, what kind of mood , how is joy. Big fishes, small fishes, turtles and corals, sank in the depths of the sea.

That exquisite wooden house by the sea, unfortunately, is not mine. Otherwise, I will stay here and stay with the rivers and seas for a long time, sunrise and sunset, and dialogue with seagulls. If we are interested in each other, Haiyan can always bring the information from the outside immediately, sing or abuse, curse or bless. Thank you for the song you sang for me, Haiyan, do you know that my life is not complete, and there are still many regrets. When you finished singing this song and just flew away, I started to feel emotion again!

Calculate the time when we meet, the sea, I will stand on the shore, waiting for you to come surging. The tourists from the rivers and lakes braving the wind and waves, after showing off their skills, appear cringe. It turned out that the dream of fighting the sword is just going through the erosion of wind and rain, the mind and body are exhausted, and there is only a rusty iron sword in the hand. There is no more chic that can be split with a sword, and no one can be cut. The pleasure of breaking is inextricably linked.

I picked up a conch from the beach and placed it next to my pillow. The call from the sea in my dream always seemed vague. Obviously, I heard a familiar voice, but I didn’t dare to talk easily. I couldn’t be sure whether the conch could really transmit sound and send love from thousands of miles, sending the real you to my dream. You rang the wind chime in front of the window, and the crisp sound of the wind chime, really like your tireless reminder!

The code on the house plate recorded my trace, did you know? You don’t need to be sure when you come all the way, just believe that I am here. The sail shadows that come and go in the sea are intertwined with their respective horizons. There was you beyond the horizon. In the blue of the sea, I watched you disappear into the sky. We could have walked together, because I was weak and lagging behind, and the shadow of the oar in the sea dropped a long arc, connecting our past…

If we can change the direction of the sea, can we meet again? Please give me divine power to reverse the fate, so that I can meet you again, continue our affection, and fulfill our love !

Sometimes I am also shocked, when the waves roar away, are you on the other side of the sea safe? This wave was like a broken bamboo, overturning all dreams, including my beautiful love. A group of stunned Haiyan rushed towards the sky, like countless you, resolutely abandoning our love.

When the wind is calm and the waves are calm, I ask the seagulls to send you a message. The islands washed clean by the sea are still stranded with a shadow of sails. I ran aground with Fanying, unable to move, expecting you to drag me out with a rope.

If I can’t wait for the monsoon to change direction, I can only drown in the sea without telling me. When the sea swallows eat up my dead bones and the seagulls eat up my flesh, only my blood flows in this sea, every piece of hard. The reef can easily break me, and every leaf of coral can restrain me. The pile of dry bones left in front of the beach choked on the throat of the years. Although they were crying every night of high tide, no one could hear it clearly.