Like a flower

Time flows like water, and when I look back, it’s been a few years. So hurriedly passing by, people live again. Experienced several setbacks, and encountered several setbacks. People, when they were young, should be a little mature. When you are mature, stop everything in your hands. Looking up at the starry sky, the light breeze Jiyue, with emotion swept over the past, it is time to think about it quietly.

Once I was an ignorant junior high school student, and a bit of childishness penetrated into my bones. Even ignorant. The years were quiet and good, comfortable and leisurely. You also smile in the sunshine. But you are more stable than me, I have to admit this. You know how to tolerate, you will judge the situation, know what is boring , and what is magnanimity. I am afraid that in your eyes, there is a stubborn boy who repeats your disdainful behavior, leaving an impression in your hearts.

Only after experiencing it will I know that it will grow after being bumped, and I met: stunned to escape, light is perishable, worrying to redeem, no one is anything. It’s a pity that those things that year and that month, that period of growth is not too late, and that ray of years stretches by itself.

The beard is bleak, walking too fast, and some people are like Fengyue. If you go impatiently, it has nothing to do with the beautiful scenery of Fengyue and people. Let you stand at the end of Suhua Jinnian, gently wipe it away, and remember and cherish it.

The crowd looked for him thousands of times, and suddenly looked back, but the person was in the dimly lit place. Now I know how I felt that year, but I can hardly find it for a long time.

The belt became wider and he did not regret it, which made people haggard for Iraq. In order to grow, I have nothing to do with Xianchen. What about the slender dust, the slender dust will reach people for a long time. It’s just that when the long dream returns, Xuyingxiang, Zhen reappears.

However, the spring and fish evening of Tumi flowers is most when the world remembers coolness. I came to the window lattice and looked up at the stars. The stars in the distance were still shining, smiling at me from a distance of tens of thousands of light years or more. I can’t help but remind me that the fall of a star can not dim the entire sky; a flower drifts and can not be barren for the whole season of spring. And vice versa! Are you who used to be well? You can hardly stop the pace of progress, and I saw the footprints of the past.

A gust of evening breeze sent a few chills and made me take a few steps, but I was deterred again. I’m afraid that if a person is much lonely , my heart will ignite a little cool. Still closed the window, returned to the couch, lifted off the thin dust, and put down the old classmates again. The faces were smiling like flowers, just like flowers.

After tidying up the old memories, I smiled a little, and I gave it to us now, and do it and cherish it.

Seemingly not appearing, Charanxin is a teenager.