Life is like tea

The beauty of the heaven and the earth is given by nature, whether it is the beautiful scenery of the North Country, or the cozy joy of the jade-colored misty and rainy Jiangnan, whether it is the holiness and tranquility of the snowy plateau, or the vast expanse of the vast sea, whether it is the endless desert or the endless The prairie… all contain a breathtaking beauty.

Whenever you look up at the blue sky, you suddenly feel that the blue sky embraces the white cloud prism and the neon feather dance, when you ride a poetic orchid boat, drifting in the waves of thousands of miles, suddenly feel that the blue water is happy to carry the green mountains to copy the clouds and evaporate.

Nature has never been less beautiful, and beauty is infinite in my heart. The beauty of nature makes me admire, the beauty of humanity makes me love it, and the beauty of the soul is even more admirable. Discover beauty and tap the extraordinary charm of beauty, that is a leap of beauty! The beauty that can shock the soul is the ultimate beauty in the true sense.

Strolling in the secluded part of the winding path, the spring breeze of Hexi blows across the bamboo sea and billowing green waves, smelling the fresh breath of negative ions, I feel refreshed, watching the springing up life after the rain, and admiring the quality and smoothness of the orchids in the valley, praise There is a faint fragrance of poetry in Mayfair’s erotic dance. In the spring afternoon, the sun is shining, and there are beautiful scenery of birds, flowers, singing, singing and swallowing. Breathe in the fresh and hearty air, let the mood fly, and let the soul feel a long-lost comfort.

My thoughts followed in my footsteps, and I walked into the depths of the mountains. I suddenly sighed with emotion. The spring rain and spring watered Chazhou moisturizing tablets and fragrant tea. Pain, Jiaming is like a beautiful woman, tranquil like tea, tea soup as light as water, faint taste, elegant aroma, this is green tea, fresh and elegant, pure as white paper, elegant and quiet, like a fairy from the sky, not eating fireworks in the world .

Think about it, soak a pot of Yangxian Snow Bud, take a sip of the elegant and fragrant taste, refresh my heart, hold a purple jade and gold sand, pour a few slices of Suzhou Biluochun, and smell the endless aftertaste of the scent, refreshing your heart and stomach, Hold a cup of West Lake Well, savor its mellow fragrance, refreshing you and my heart.

Life is poetic and full of romance, life is picturesque and fascinating, life is like a song, full of joy, leading you to listen to the wind, to the rain, to the voice of your heart, life is like a dance, multi-poems are colorful and interesting, life is like the wind and clouds, unpredictable, The road of life is ups and downs, the taste of life, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty, life is like tea, rich, light, and fragrant, a cup of tea, a blessing, peace in life, happiness in life !

The fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the bitter cold, and is outstanding because of sharpening! Tasting tea and comprehending life, experiencing and appreciating it , will truly understand the charm of life. Life is like tea. I only wish to come to my life…