Life is like flowers and water, silent and calm

Life is like water, how I want to hold the scents of the scent of blooming flowers, hold one hand in the clear clear water, watch the face of your flowers, the beauty of the flowers, the taste of the flowers, listen to the sound of the flowers opening, and appreciate In the sparkling waves, fish and shrimps are jumping, watching the lake view Qiongzhou Green Island swaying in the breeze, staring at the endless green water under the embankment, holding emerald green willow branches gently combing and washing, and seeing the lake Zhong Yu Weng used the Penny to prop up a vigorous sunrise of the red sun, standing on the willow bank, facing the amber morning light from the sky, together with the delicate flowers and lush and leafy trees, the beautiful and fresh face welcoming the new day, listening Birds and Yingge, sharing the beautiful and dazzling dance of bees and butterflies wearing willows , I was ecstatic, stretched my lazy waist, breathed fresh air in peace, and watched the delicate and translucent pearlescent trees, and suddenly felt life like flowers and water. Silently guarding a tranquil mood, what joy and heartiness should be in the depths of the soul. Suddenly looking back, there is red and hustle and bustle outside the window, but in my heart is the wind and the wind, the life of the petty bourgeoisie is a pleasant stream of light, the warmth of the cabin is full of bursts of fragrance, and the asparagus imitates the verdant bamboo and grows strong. Growing up, the music is like a musician without a teacher playing the melodious melodiousness. The leisurely environment is like sweeping away the dust of the soul. The true meaning of life is realized in this quietness, and the soul is in this quietness. Be sublimated.

Many times, I like to spend time alone, thinking in a quiet and elegant place, and silently forgetting. Life is like a flower and water, and the calmness of being silent in my arms. In a beautiful and elegant atmosphere, I think quietly, hold an elegant feeling, and be silent. Waiting for a beautiful and flawless world that belongs only to oneself; let the clear and lingling water wash a heart full of blood, invite text as a companion, let spring flowers as a match, green follow, freshness as a companion, clever use of text to take a heart The warmth, happiness in simplicity, lightness in the ordinary, the immense joy of creation in simplicity , gladly in such a day, sitting alone in the corner of the years, fingertips gently flowing with the beauty of the years, reading Those sentences of the golden years , the little bit of sentiment into the ink and wash, and the feelings that flood into poems and poems.

Interpreting the true meaning of life in Jingya, the passing years are like water, time is like a bunch of flowers, walking in the long river of years, thinking about the past along the way, always thinking of nostalgia with flowers like brocades, tired of love and affection, beauty With flawlessness, kindness and sincerity, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, calmness produces wisdom, and in the passing years, focus on what you love, settle the highest state in the pursuit, make a sense of freedom and ease, look back, is the relief of the flowing water, the world After thousands of times of life , you must stick to your own true colors when you are alive. You cannot make a leaf that dances in the wind in order to please others, and return to the original; be a pine and cypress, in the obscurity, the interpretation is strong; even if it is not the most beautiful, but I will also face the outside world with a smile, give myself a sweet smile, let the dusty heart open, let the heart fly, give others a little love, let the sincere, kind and beautiful share with lovely relatives and friends, make the world full of vitality and joy, let The flower of life always blooms undefeated, and the water of life spreads like water and tenderly.

Whenever the sun sets, the sunset glows like flames in the sky, away from the noisy city, walking towards the beautiful and quiet soul station, leaning against the sunset in the coastal leisure corridor, gently embracing the colorful chest in the afterglow of the setting sun , The years are like a mirror lake, even if the wind is calm, there are ripples of pink laughter in the condensed blue, those depressed and hesitating moods can be comforted in solitude for an instant, time seems to warm the memory, and precipitate many good things in the past. In the quiet atmosphere, it can be warm and moist, and it can be a kind of jade-colored Jiangnan bridge and flowing water. It is still the old saying: life is like a flower and water, silent and calm. If the classics are engraved in the collection of my imagination.

With a relaxed and happy mood , let contentment always stay in your heart. Since life is beautiful and the future is bright, keep a good attitude and hold a new green of wheat seedlings and sorghum in the vast land and in the endless grassland. Let your thoughts ride on a galloping horse, let your mood fly, ride in a colorful car with clouds and clouds, hold a poetic in your heart, and paint the vast expanse of the blue sky with your brush. In real life, learn to smile at the falling flowers when the wind rises; in the change of seasons, understand the feelings of the leaves returning to their roots in the autumn, feel the love of falling leaves, the love of lovesick moon shadows, understand the tender and gentle talk in the spring rain, and listen to the water The beautiful playing of the piano in the heart lake Chunjiang tells that life is like a flower and looks back beautifully in the water.

For a long time, I always want to walk in the world with a simple and simple lifestyle, sitting in peace with a light warmth, holding a cup of tea, keeping the peace of my heart, and listening carefully to the whispers of time and light. Interpretation, let the prosperous scenery be beautiful in the longitude and latitude of life, tell the story behind the prosperity , taste the ups and downs of life in life, find a touch of warm and bright sunshine in the tortuous years, in the wind and rain, hold an umbrella, To be free, the meaning of life is not how to change yourself into what others like, but to try your best to be the person you like.

With gratitude for life and yearning for a better life, I have always believed that the most beautiful scenery is ahead, just like the snow and ice in the twelfth lunar month of winter. When the winter comes, the winter plum has quietly bred splendid buds, and the snow is welcoming the spring. Then, the ideal of sending spring back through wind and rain will be well-known. Winter is here. Is spring still too late? The seasons turn around, or adjust the season to the present time, that is, the night of summer and summer.

Pillow the river by the window, I like to see the bright moon baby weaving a silver acacia brocade. The bright moonlight in front of the bed spoiled me with a stack of fluorescent color quilts. Fluffy and shaved, the light blue pillow lay quietly and gracefully. The head of the moonlight gently, gently cascading in the exquisite and practical small room, suddenly added a gentle and incomparable scene, the milky white disc-shaped ceiling lamp naturally added a bit of light, and the celadon lotus table lamp on the bedside table was suddenly covered with a touch of light. Silver halo, is the moon sister disguising the lotus fairy? Or is it a symbol of the vitality of the lotus given by moonlight? Quite a lot of guesswork.

After regaining his senses, turning around and pacing towards the window, the small desk next to the window is even more joyful. This may be the reason why the table near the window is the first to win. On the table is a book of poems, quietly exposed in the center of the table. Refraction of the moonlight on the pages of the book, follow the light, read the content of the collection of poems; a small Russian poem [short] a short day, too short to embrace the early morning, already holding the dusk. A year is short, too short to taste the red sinus green in the early spring, so you have to apply some autumn frost. Life is very short, and if there is no time to enjoy the good years, it is already in twilight. We always pass by too fast and realize too late, we must learn to cherish. Cherish the affection , friendship , fellowship , classmates, and friends on the road in life . Once you pass by, you may never encounter.

The moon baby selflessly dedicated the bright and glittering scene to my room, stood on tiptoe and looked up at the night sky, silently expressing my most sincere respect to the moon. The beautiful mirror image also shines in my heart, shining brightly in all directions of my soul. Opening the window, I felt suddenly enlightened, and a faint fragrance from afar came to my nose. It became the contraction and relaxation of the ventricles and atria, spreading the feelings of September, and hanging on the branches into the colorful autumn colors, maple love and cinnamon, accompanied by Chrysanthemum’s sonorous, Luo Ying’s melancholy will become autumn’s helplessness for a while.

The space of thoughts and imagination travels together on the Internet, the ink rhyme expresses the love of the years, and the bitter taste of the vicissitudes of life carves the ups and downs in the circle of rings. The enthusiasm of roses, the richness and grace of peony, the fragrance of jasmine, the silent blooming of lilacs and the momentary brilliance of that moment, the pure and elegant look of lotus, the charming and charming ripples in the moonlight of lotus pond, all seem to be waiting quietly The autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves as promised, and the feelings of September are met. In the season when the locust blossoms are fragrant, the charm of the white and delicate fragrance of the locust blossoms in the shade of the willows is the string of pure backs pressed against the branches. She is in the autumn sunshine. Li Yi is flourishing, how about Luoying? Fallen leaves are melancholy, Green Banana still loves the green face in front of the window, and Qiu Yu makes the voice of phoenix trees, smug and whispering cappella, only the locust tree does not touch a trace of dust.

Standing in the autumn wind and autumn rain, the wrinkles between the branches and branches emit a faint fragrance, and the dreamlike memories are slowly deposited in the faint fragrance, so that pain and suffering, sorrow and joy, sadness and sorrow, silently become hidden in my heart. There is a unique and beautiful scenery, and you can carefully savor the paper spread out on the clean ground. Borrow the uncle forest’s vigorous and powerful pens, dip in the red apple color, the golden orange of the wishful and auspicious, and bring a bunch of strings. The blue crystal is as exquisite and translucent as grapes, and a chrysanthemum looks like a chrysanthemum. It depicts a poetic rhyming in the depths of the soul, and paints a thick and colorful landscape painting, hidden in the heart, hung on the wall of the heart, and carved into the depths of the soul.

Gently holding the inextricable rays of sunlight, together with the sunflower, he loyally stares at the father-in-law of the sun, feeling the bright sunshine in the sunrise and sunset, and sharing the aura of life calling in the morning and sunset. With a joyful state of mind, we are grateful for the hearty mirror images of the beautiful life given to us by nature, and we are bathed in golden wind and jade dew, thank them for their considerate and caring care, and weave through the wind and the waves in the wind and rain, like a petrel. Usually fly strongly in the storm. Enjoy the usual warmth, be an ordinary person, be content with happiness, be peaceful and far-reaching, and embrace and treasure the flowers of life calmly. Cherish life, grasp health, work hard, enjoy the warmth and happiness of every day, look into the distance in the course of life, do you think that life is actually a blossom? Sincerely yellow chrysanthemums, white and flawless magnolia flowers, rhododendrons made of blood, lilacs blooming silently, and epiphanies that bloom in an instant let life render a beautiful picture.

A lifetime is always too long. The growth of each life will only come to the realization after a thousand sails are exhausted. It turns out that what we have been longing for is inner tranquility, and tranquility is the ultimate destination of the soul. Being in the bustling city, taking only a moment of meditation, enjoying a moment of tranquility, being alone in the hustle and bustle, being able to look back at yourself, is it not a heartbeat of a glimpse of a glimpse.

Ruuo, Ruuo time has always been so good, there is no trouble in the world, only the peace brought by quietness to the heart, you can enjoy the peace of one flower, one world, and one leaf and one bodhi. However, the world is tiring after all. Being in the world and participating in the fireworks in the world, the human heart will always be more or less disturbed. Who can escape? There is no real paradise in the world, nor can you escape the participation of the world. Only by planting chrysanthemums in your heart can you have your ideal Nanshan and Taoyuan.

Regarding worldly things, I am not a wise man. I am also a simple woman in the world, but I am also grateful for my long time. Because of its simplicity, I have avoided those worldly powers and practiced alone in the world. Billowing red dust, the time is boundless, we are just a tiny dust floating in this world lonely, and then gently settled. Dust particles are fragile after all. However, even if they are fragile, they also have power that cannot be ignored.

Life is a boat, and we are destined to be his ferryman again. When we set sail and waved up against the current, we realized that everyone is alone, facing the huge waves alone, and avoiding the dangerous beaches alone. , And the scenery on both sides of the strait is just a testimony of your struggle. Of course, we will eventually become lonely travelers amidst thousands of prosperity. Facing the vast sky, we are so slight, so small and fragile.

Life is long, short and confusing, simple and ordinary, but even with such impermanence, life has a different color. We are too ordinary, ups and downs in this complex world, to be able to spend time in repairs and to take care of our own years is not a matter of leisure. Who can predict the fate of a lifetime, and easily escape one after another tribulation and fate?

Dependent origination and demise must be in accordance with the will of heaven. The gathering and dispersal of destiny is an uncommon thing in the mortal world. Just like the blooming of flowers, the changing of the four seasons, birth, old age, sickness and death, it is not something we can control. All things have traces, things are impermanent, and the green mountains and green waters in life are all part of life. Accepting it consciously or unconsciously is a kind of compassion. To live every moment, one minute, one moment, or even a lifetime, is to be grateful for life. There is a long journey in life, I don’t want to go all the way, I just want to cut the complex and simplify, and only spend this life, and enjoy the whole life.

Living quietly and elegantly, staying in a calm and peaceful time, even if you are having a meal with your relatives, or you can say a normal word, tasting a cup of Biluochun tea thrown in the purple jade and golden sand, Longjing fragrant tea will feel refreshing and refreshing. Eating a meal of coarse tea and light rice with relatives and friends to appreciate the joy of the relatives eating with relish, it is natural and refreshing happiness. Simple thoughts lead to a calm life, and it is also a kind of happiness. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. The eternal ideals of Tao will come naturally. Isn’t a broad-mindedness a step back to the artistic conception of the ocean and the sky? In the prosperous world of pyrotechnics, how much I want us to be ourselves, remember the good of others, be a quiet person, entertain ourselves with a grateful heart in the complicated and trivial, and feel the beautiful, innocent, kind and selfless happiness. “I am not afraid of being disappointed, because I prefer the feeling of being alive.”

It’s good to be alive, you can hear the first crisp chirping of birds in the morning, and you can see the child’s otherwise delicate and innocent eyes, you can love, you can look forward to, and we have a future. Stay alive, don’t let down the beauty that the time has given us! The color of life, such as dark or light leaf green, is natural, simple but warm. The beauty of life is not in its splendor, but in its peace. In the bustling world, we are busy running around every day, and the colorful world often makes us forget to stop and take a serious look at the depth of life. And tranquility seems to us to become a little extravagant, tranquility, a kind of elegant temperament, a kind of quaint feelings. Longing for the serenity and profoundness of “a winding path leading to a secluded place, deep flowers and trees in the Zen room”, thinking of a quiet little courtyard, under a flowering tree, enjoying a cup of fragrant tea, refreshing, refreshing, and expressing deep feelings when reading my favorite book , Listening to the sound of flowers blooming, listening to the witty associations of insects, and the love songs of birds singing, are extremely joyful. When time returns to silence, life returns to dullness, quietly keeping quiet.

A flower blooms, passing through the gap of time in a daze. Before we notice it, it has swayed our lonely youth to fall into the mud, almost forgetting the passing of time, just thinking that it is a red face. , It will resolutely present different results and destiny. A leaf green spreads into the sea in a trance, time is gone, youth is no longer, there is no sign of a turn, but a tenacious force lurks and stretches in the depths of the soil, looking for the eternal foundation of life, waiting for the next season of reincarnation. Things change and stars change, in the lonely years, the peach blossoms still smile in the spring breeze. Maybe we are too busy, ignoring the noisy streets and the fresh scenery, or maybe we are missing some important clips in the course of life. I don’t know, life needs to be left blank, missing months is also a kind of beauty, rough tea and light rice is also a kind of happiness.

Life is not begging. No matter how embarrassing the life is, we must go on calmly. We live not only for ourselves, but also for our responsibilities, as well as caring for our family and friendship along the way, as well as love. There is warmth. Let us live up to our parents and life, let us be wonderful, and make our life better. Life is a beautiful landscape, watching the dazzling rainbow after the rain in the same boat, and seeing the dazzling scenery in the dim scenery. Although the road of life is full of thorns and sufferings, muster the courage of life, we will work hard together, look at the bright future, look forward to a bright future, and let strength become a balance point of support. The sunshine is fine and the sun is still gentle. There are too many feelings during the life cycle. Whenever I see those creatures that have experienced the recovery from the winter snow, such as the frogs in the moonlight of the lotus pond and the drums, and the bamboo shoots in the green bamboo forest are springing up after the rain. When Ye Cao encounters the thriving spring breeze, it will always be touched by the beating pictures and touched the soul. The dignity of life is more vivid among the weak. There are many heart-warming scenery in life. Although it has not been accompanied overnight, it is loved. A warmth, let the beautiful scenery accompany us into our hearts and dreams.”

Tonight, looking up at the starry sky, the dazzling stars blinked at people, telling you that the quiet world is grotesque and full of hope, looking up at the face of the bright moon, the heart of the moon, the homesickness of the heart, the sound of strolling in front of the window, the silver frost in front of the bed, Like a pretty beauty who understands people’s minds, she spreads a trace of love to the world and to the Internet. It may be the color of the continuation of life, dazzling in the intoxicating neon, shining on the chest of Chunjiang Huayueye, the prism is in the breasts of hundreds of millions of people who love life, life is like a flower, silent and calm.