Life is a short pass in the years

The footsteps of the years always follow the beautiful imagination, the compass of time is like a kaleidoscope that always dazzles the seasons, the fragrance of spring is colorful, the song of the oriole, the scent of the flowers, and the summer rain is cool. Homesickness, the silver-clad plain wrapped by the melting of the winter snow and ice world, and the good hope of the plum bird’s spring, change into the splendid time shuttle, showing off in the vast wilderness, unfolding in the endless grassland, Inlaid in the lofty mountains and ridges of thousands of ridges, flowing in the misty lakes and rivers, like a whispering dream and whispering softly in the deep courtyard, those incomparable pavilions, towers and corners of the water pavilion, in the scenery of the mountains and the sea. , The beautiful and immaculate footprints that are more or less woven into the years, are always fascinating, deeply and shallowly attached to my mind lingering. And those beautiful scenery sculpted by nature ghosts and gods, like horses in thought, galloping among the magnificent green mountains and green waters of the motherland, giving people beautiful longings, infinite reveries, and soul shock!

Holding the crayons sent by the girl in the most beautiful season in the mid-spring, freehand the emerald green full of vitality in the freehand months, the spring in the mountains, and the spring breeze of Hexi, gently and warmly blew my cheeks, suddenly feeling refreshed and refreshing, and very comfortable. Inadvertently, I saw that majestic collar stands tall among the willow trees in the mountain col, and overlooked the luxuriant poplar forest. There was a burst of joy in my heart. The imagination instantly changed into words, and the writing became a small section of gentle and gentle, full of spring. The joy of striding lightly, to the thick willow tree, I set up a green swing, wearing a garland of willow branches, leisurely and contented, thinking more, fluttering like the wind, as bright as the spring , Like flower buds, bright and fragrant, like clouds and elegant, like a happy and relaxed mood , let your thoughts fly and watch the wonderful and smart feather dance of neon clothes in the blue sky. I swayed on the swing naturally, and the cool wind slowly blew through the soft and dark hair, as if your refreshing gaze swept across my cheeks, and what swept away was a reddish shame on my cheeks. What is left is a touch of beautiful reverie in my heart. The spring breeze and me seem to be in close contact with each other, and the spring light is reflected on my sweet face, as if attentively admiring the full of interest in spring.

Bathed in spring light, breathing fresh air. Enjoy the comfort of the spring, guarding the warm harbor in your heart. In the early spring, the sound of spring is a lyrical symphony of the years, an elegant and graceful round dance of the years , such as the sound of the nature of the mountains and running water, and if it entangles the heart, the sound of Sanskrit will nourish people. Heart. In spring, the deep and deep affection blooms, written all over the treetops, and scented scented flowers. The spring tide is surging, thoughts are flowing across the fields, drifting with the clouds, the distant mountains are filled with daisies, the green color is fresh, the vegetation is like weaving, and the greenery is like poetry.

The cuckoo is embarrassed, printed and dyed, standing on tiptoe, looking up, ten thousand ridges, surrounded by cuckoos, like a morning glow, she is like wearing a red spring dress, with the charm of the glow of the sun, showing the poetic beauty of spring, and looking up at the sky, Zhang The appearance of singing indulgently with sexy red lips is more like a spring song with a hundred birds. At this time, the petals of the rhododendron bloomed in full bloom. The stamens emerge from the middle; some only spread out two or three petals, like red butterflies flying through the flower branches, the mother-in-law dances, and some budding, like a slim young lady, no wonder people call her “flowers in Xi Shi”. The whole rhododendron is full of red flowers, and when seen from a distance, it looks like a blazing fire. You stand unselfishly, standing like a dandelion, let the tidbits of knowledge fall and spread generously, and the world under the bright spring light becomes colorful and splendid because of this. You stand upright, standing like a verdant cedar, Let the towering body kiss the blue sky impartially, so that the life in the wind and snow appears to be verdant and flourishing; you stand noble and stand as a landscape tree, let the soul’s branches and leaves rattle and beat the rhythm, growing The seedlings will find the rhythm and reference accordingly. Sentiment spring, is to use the mind to experience this annual spring, to see the grass root, my heart also think of spring Meng Haoran poem: “春眠不觉晓, Everywhere Birds Are Singing!” This poem, It happens to be used in such a suitable spring, so that spring has more color, and let people walk into the breath of spring with poetry and picturesqueness…

Whenever the land of the Northland is frozen, the hometown is wrapped in silver. Ten-mile long embankment, with silver willows hanging down, looks like an ivory sculpture. It’s as beautiful as a painting, like a poem, it’s intoxicating. Many literati use pens to praise him, even the little me wants to praise her. Whenever snowflakes fly, I always like to run outside towards the silver-white world. Looking up at the sky, let the snowflakes fall on my cheeks. I dance with snowflakes and enjoy the happiness that nature brings to me.

After several heavy fogs, Frost explored the way first. Unable to bear the lonely cold current, unstoppable, broke into the world. Snowflakes are floating, in various poses. Like fairies descended to the world, all of them were dressed in beautiful wedding dresses. All pedestrians wear flowers on their heads and put on colorful clothes. In the sky, flowers are flying; on the ground, flowers are dancing; high-rise buildings, flowers are adornment; all things, flowers are carving. This is the world of flowers, the sea of ​​flowers. The clouds dispersed, the rain stopped, the sun gave out a brilliant light, shining on the rose flowers, and the crystal clear rain rolled on the petals like a pearl. The buds of some shy little girls who were pursing their mouths were also blooming. With the green leaves, they appeared more energetic than before, and they bloomed more beautifully than before. At this time, a bee flew from far away and fell on the bud to collect nectar, ah! What a beautiful painting!

It is true that not all mountains can be tunneled, not all rivers must be bridged, not all disasters can be avoided, and not all bends can be “straightened” and surpassed, but when the god of fate does not hang down in time In the life-saving gangway, you have to hold on to hope, don’t be discouraged, use your “heart”-honesty, wisdom, potential and perseverance to face, or endure misfortune, helplessly slide; or seize the opportunity to speed up the turn.

I have listened to March in the years, let the poetry of spring express the excitement in the passing of time! Posting the poem [Spring], I feel relaxed and happy:

Spring is cleverly reorganized again and again

Many stories are revived in memory

One point, one drop, add to the turning wind

The temperature rises

March, the passionate season

Silent footsteps, wind and water rise

Bring out the pink petals of your heart

Spring breeze willow, pink plum and white

In March, in the morning light with long grass warblers flying

Brewing a vigorous

Passionate and graceful season

The drizzle, the love that breeds

Surging and surging

Hotbed growth attached to spring

The ephemera turns into the charming and splendid epiphany

Time flies, time flies, I just sighed with Xia’s hospitality, shared the beautiful mirror image of the moonlight in the lotus pond, and listened to the looming opening of the story. In an instant, summer passed, and autumn came again. The weird patterns on the bark of the willow tree are like wrinkles. The willow tree has slowly grown old, and the leaves have begun to turn yellow and withered. Its yellow and green leaves grow on the willow branches. , Like a beard, from a distance, I thought it was Grandpa standing by the river playing. I saw the evening flower against the light green buds, the huge buds and the huge leaves, without the slightest clumsy feeling, and the contrast came out with a trace of elegance, that light as clouds, thin as paper petals, just like using The colored glaze is carved, as if the flower core can be seen through the petals. Even if it’s just Huaguduo, it’s fascinating.

Walking in the long river of years, it is full of passion and pride, that is the great motherland, the motherland, I call to you, I will sing to you over and over again, and the singing will sing the land of God, peace Development and development are your eternal aspirations; the peaceful and peaceful square of your homeland is a satisfying look; the motherland, you teach me love, teach me the truth, teach me to walk through the wind and rain to the future. You tell me with the pulse of your mother, tell me how fertile your land is; tell me with the majesty of your father, the majesty of the mountains and the vastness of the sea. My motherland, you are the eternal hymn in my heart!

Life is a short visitor in the years, life is bitter and difficult, and the ups and downs are constant, keep a good attitude, smile to the beautiful scenery in the years, smile forward, smile to face life, yes, smile is the most direct between people Expression is the way to communicate. Smiling, a simple action can give people the strength to move forward, the confidence in life , and the courage to work hard. So the power of a smile is huge. :Choose a smile. Combine the colorful sunshine with trust, gratitude, lovely, affectionate, magnanimous, happy and selfless smile, and make a beautiful communication with the world around you. I stood on the balcony and looked at the horizon, and the colors of the sunset changed from time to time, just as alluring as a peach tree blooming and bearing fruit.

Standing on the shore of time, looking far away from the sky, a light amber glow, that glow changes in a different look. The sunset glow turned red for a while, then turned yellow, like gold cups gleaming on the podium. I watched, watched, the sunset turned into a beautiful “princess”, wearing a beautiful dress, dancing in the sky. It’s wonderful! The sunset glow is also like a magician, and its “magic performance” can be wonderful, and it will be different for a while: sometimes like a ball of cotton candy, sometimes like a group of sheep running on the prairie, sometimes it turns into layers of red. Light yarns sometimes become burning flames… They change so beautifully, so naturally, so quickly, and so wonderfully. We have worked so hard to come to this world, but not for the unpleasant and sad things we see every day . We have cried enough when we were born, and we, no one can go back alive, so don’t take time They are all used to be low, to believe, to be lonely, to love, to hate, to waste, to go to dreams and to regret, you must believe that there will be no tomorrow that cannot be reached. The maturity of any soul must go through the baptism of loneliness and the temper of loneliness. Those lonely and lonely days are also the best time for us to understand ourselves and accumulate strength. Loneliness doesn’t matter, what matters is whether you can stand loneliness; loneliness is not terrible, the terrible thing is that you are decadent and depressed in the arms of loneliness. When you are surrounded by loneliness and loneliness, don’t forget that there is still your heart with you.

Acura sing the years, interpret the years, compose the real face in the years: the years are like a river of tender spring water, like a beam of brilliant sunshine, a drunk red leaf, like a sparkling snowflake flying in the spring, summer, autumn and winter The cycle of reincarnation; the years are a drop of affectionate tears, a smile of joy, a wisp of silver thread, the wrinkles of the vicissitudes of life are always carved out by the years, it is a moment between life and death, or a beautiful or tragic moment; , A line of perseverance footprints, a lonely journey, a curtain of dreams, are ordinary and real days in the morning and night.

Time is always speechless and selfless, and time is sentimental and ruthless. She arrives unexpectedly and always grants us the same love unconditionally and fairly. The pastoral of the years always embraces and accepts everyone so frankly and enthusiastically, as long as you treat each other with sincerity, have the years, cherish the years, and work hard, you will get her in return. Otherwise, if you ignore the years, waste the years, or even play games, you will be abandoned or even punished by the years. Therefore, we must not forget the advice of the years: “Don’t wait for a while, you’ve lost your youth, and you’re empty and sad!”

Walking in the latitudes and longitudes of time, listening to the delicate and crisp bells of the years, I am always excited. The bell is a spur, a horn, and a loud sound, calling me forward and urging me to forge ahead. The bell sounds like thunder, can you hesitate, linger, and remain indifferent? How dare you be ashamed of the years? In the bells of the years, I often check myself. What have you gained in the past years? What is missing? What will you do in the years to come? I am often intertwined with gratification and annoyance, and the anxiety of the years is often accompanied by me. Childhood-youth-youth-middle age, from innocent and childish to full of vigor, from zeal to sane, I am grateful to the years for testing and tempering me, and for the sincerity and bestowing of years to me. I have passed the age without confusion, but do you dare to say “not confused” in the face of the years?

Thinking deeply over the years, I really want to share my encouragement with all my friends: the years are always here, the years are always new, “the world is turning, the time is rushing, ten thousand years are too long, and the day is too long”, let us listen to the echo of the years, and let us The bells of the years are ringing in our hearts.