Life has a scale

Throughout the ages, I don’t know how many former sages have thought about life . Some people compare a person’s life to a voyage on the sea. Everyone can’t predict how tortuous the navigation route in his life is. Only oneself can complete the journey of life, and it is also possible to have a happy and successful life.

In fact, being alive is a kind of practice. If you look away, you will be full of vitality; if you see through it, every day is spring. How difficult is it to make people three points? There are many things in life that we can’t predict its development trend, and some don’t understand the background of things. Therefore, we must not easily make assertions and leave ourselves with no room for maneuver. People who don’t leave room for themselves, after having laughed enough at others, also show their shortcomings to others. Therefore, when we are humans, we must have leeway, and we must not speak too much, and must accommodate some unexpected things.

In life, no one rules how to do it; in life, no one can give you the helm. We can’t control the unknown destiny, but we can control the present self. We don’t seek the glory of life, but we seek no regrets in life. Only after the journey, I know there are shortcomings and longs, and after passing things, I know that there are joys and injuries, and people who have tasted will know that there are true and false. You can give up anything, a good mentality can’t give up, you can lose everything, but you can’t lose your conscience, good and evil are clear, good and bad are distinguished.

There is a ruler in life, there is a degree in life, good has good causes, and evil has evil results. Grasp the yardstick of being a person and hold onto the kindness of care. Excessiveness is a disaster. You don’t need to deliberately behave. You don’t need to be perfect in doing things. You can be noble, but you must have a tolerant heart, otherwise you will be arrogant; you can be kind, but you must act decisively, otherwise you will be weak; you can be strong, but you must be in awe, otherwise you will be violent. If you have wealth, you must know how to be thrifty, otherwise you will be extravagant; if you have knowledge, you must know how to be humble, otherwise you will be proud; noble, you must know how to be humble, otherwise you will be unruly. There is a degree in everything, but you can’t say everything, you have to be measured, you can’t do everything, and you have room for life.

When you can’t look at things, or you are proud of it, or you are aggrieved, or are in pain, please think about it, no matter what, we are always lucky to have this life. People should cherish it, treat it well, and hold it in their entire life. In fact, there is no despair in life, only incomprehension, there is no end to life, there is only inability to see through, life cannot be fulfilled in everything, and regrets are also beautiful. There should be a degree in everything, and a person should be content.

Success is the display of strengths, and failure is the accumulation of shortcomings. People often don’t have the power to do things, but they refuse to do it. The land is cultivated by people: only after sowing can there be a later harvest. The road must be walked before it can be reached, things must be done to complete, and suffering must be eliminated, and the scale must be grasped in order to be measured. Remembering everything will only make your body and mind heavier and heavier. Only by discarding those unnecessary burdens can you go further. Never feel sorry for what you have lost. What you did not pick is just a flower in spring, and the whole spring will accompany you day by day until the change of seasons.

Therefore, if you grasp the scale of life, your inner world will have depth. Inclusive of rivers and rivers, standing on the wall, with a sense of mind like mountains and seas, no matter where you live, you can be detached from the mundane, come and go freely, with ease.

With standards for being a person, the realm of thought has a height. The higher you stand, the farther you can see, and you will open up new horizons, and you will be full of confidence and hope in the face of difficulties. Then on the road leading forward, contentment will also be brought along.