Let the wind wake up the flowers, talk about giving a spring

At the end of the long winter, the east wind lingered. The bleakness is still the same, the cold is to the bones, and the flowers are difficult to bloom. Calling and the east wind, Xiang Xu Yizhichun, only then exchanged back to the garden full of colorful flowers and race to open. Therefore, there is also a way to take advantage of the east wind. Only by using your own wisdom and letting others willingly help can you achieve what you want in your heart.

Xu Zhimo said: “It’s people who don’t want to fly, so they can take a look and understand. This is the fun of being a person, the authority of being a person, and the account of being a person.” People who want to fly have no worries, because they will not ask for help. Easily discouraged when fruitless.

Everyone who knows Jay Chou knows Fang Wenshan. When he was young, he silently wrote several big lyrics, and also voted for a singing company, hoping to make himself recognized by the industry through the mouth of a famous singer. Dingpei has been away for several years, and the hard work has been written in the lyrics, and finally he has to wait for a Jay Chou. His words have made a generation of superstars, and they are also known by Jay Chou, Fang Wenshan. If he decisively gives up after hitting a wall in the singing company, the music scene will not usher in such a glorious legend.

Helplessness seems hopeless, but without using your own wisdom to come up with clever ideas, how can people be helped?

Looking back at the flight history of the ancestors, we can understand: Ten thousand households used a kite to fly for a short time; although people have no wings, the dream of flying was called nonsense, but the Wright brothers built airplanes and people can finally fly. Blue sky. “Fake horses are non-profits, but they can reach thousands of miles; fake boats are not capable of water, but never rivers.” They are no different from us, it is precisely because they are “good at things” that they can get Get what you want.

Although benefits drive others to help, we just want to let others see the hope in us, and people’s wisdom can be relied on. Only then can Jack Ma attract investment from others to create the myth of Alibaba, the friendship between China and Pakistan and the investment of countless European and American countries in the Asian Investment Bank; and only then can China develop multilateral diplomacy on the road of gradual take-off. As General Secretary Xi Jinping said: “Our blueprint is magnificent, but our struggle is bound to be arduous.” Because we still need to work harder when we draw on the power of others in order to use these powers for ourselves and achieve a The future of the great rejuvenation of the country.

The big tree spreads its seeds to all parts of the world because of its sweet fruit. Without him, because the fruit is sweet, it tempts people’s hearts. And our flowers are waiting to wake up, take advantage of the east wind to blow all over the garden, give it bursts of floral fragrance, and wait for the spring to bloom.