Let go of the past

In a quiet afternoon, one person stood by the window, watching the busy traffic and people coming and going outside the window.

I seem to be separated from the world by this glass window. I stand in an inexplicable space far away from the world’s fireworks and watch the worldly flowers bloom and fall. The pendulum of the clock moves rhythmically, with a slight ticking sound, and every sound is a reminder of the loss of time. My heart can’t help but feel a little panic. Every second now is the past of the next second. Everything at this moment will be the past tomorrow. The future is always in the next second where we can’t see it, and the past, We may not have actually walked by. Mistakes and regrets make time seem like a dream, and at this moment it becomes a cruel reality. The past landscapes, the reincarnation of the seasons, the joys and sorrows, the successes and failures of the past, are all twists and turns of the heart. When I look back, those green years are eclipsed, like an old painting, like a song Oldies.

The things I have experienced, the life I have lived through, even if I regret, I am already at a loss. There is no time to turn back. However, in the dead of night, he would chew on the silhouettes of those memories repeatedly, blame himself for being too idiotic, and lament the ruthlessness of fate. At the same time, it was corroding my thoughts and torturing my soul.

The human heart is like the wind sometimes, it seems that there is always a sorrow whistling in the wind, and there is no sense of security. With the wind’s hundreds of turns and thousands of turns, anxiety, irritability, confusion, fear…These uneasy emotions torment you at any time, and the nervous emotions will follow you like a shadow. “Once bitten by a snake, I was afraid of well rope for ten years.” The tension in my heart comes from the shadow that I can’t let go of, and the shadow of the past is like an invisible rope, twined in memory. Deep down, it makes life fall into chaos. In the past, especially the smog in my heart. When I let go of my thoughts, it was the sunshine and the cool breeze. When I raised my head again, the sky was high and the clouds were pale.

The pale side of the years, like a rose that has lost its moisture and vitality, but withered with a desolate smell. Even if the lingering fragrance is around, it can only be the fireworks scattered in time and space, just a touch of charm in the treasure, not to lose the ruin, only to look at it and sigh with heartbreak.

I tried to look around the world, only to find that everyone who succeeds cannot lack a bosom. If the heart is too small, the world will be small, and everything will be pessimistic. You can only see flaws and ignore the overall situation. The heart is as wide as the sea, accommodating thousands of rivers, and the absorption of the absorption, the precipitation of the precipitation, can make one’s own world clear and blue.

Talking about Qi Huangong in the Spring and Autumn Period, he can put aside his past grievances and reuse Guan Zhong. In the end, with Guan Zhong’s help, he won the world. Liu Bang, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, was also able to let go of his past grievances and named Yong Chi Fang Hou, which consolidated the hearts of the people in the world. In our lives, we should also let go of the past, let go of grievances and grudges, so that the road under our feet can be smoother and smoother.

If we don’t know how to let go of the little things in life, it is not only ourselves that is tired, but also the beauty of tomorrow. Too many times, we look for yesterday’s footprints in today’s sunshine and waste time. Whether the past is good or bad, if we don’t let it go in time, what we miss is not only the present, but also the future. There is no if in life, and it is impossible to start all over again, so don’t comfort your fragile soul with a boring assumption, and don’t want to let go of the past. I think what I want to do is face the current sunshine.

The human heart is a world and a kind of power. So I believe that one thought can be picked up, and one thought should be let go. Memories can be very long or very short. Walking in the turbulent red dust every day, living a life of firewood, rice, oil and salt, everyone has more or less troubles and sorrows, but they should know how to resolve and throw them away, so that life will be sunny all the way and laugh all the way.

In life, the past is always an imprint that cannot be erased, whether it is happiness or frustration. What happened cannot be changed, and no one can travel through time and space to go back in time and change history. The only way to liberate is to let the past, let the coming, let yesterday’s tears turn into the morning dew, let it disappear when the first ray of sunlight rises, and let the smile shine with the sun. I am delighted with the mountains and rivers of the four seasons, and I am delighted with the warmth of life.

May I have a paintbrush to paint the most beautiful colors of life. Let the beautiful present become the beautiful scenery in my heart. Let those longing for the future drench into a glimmer of light, illuminating the way under your feet.