Kite season, kite festival

End of March, beginning of February

At this moment, the wind was not yet fully warm, and it blew on his face playfully, with a melancholy coldness. During the stroll, he was gentle and careful, and gradually pushed away the melancholy.

Happens to be

The sky at this time is not yet completely blue. It also doesn’t dare to let go of its own mind, and can only accept, accept, accept, and unacceptable, changing its role by changing the law.

For example, the unwashed rain will wet the territories that have not been let go—because the beauty has not yet appeared, and the evil cannot yet succeed—in this territory, only sin can be hidden.

For example, the most appropriate breeze, weakly caresses the emerald green, and supports which open territories-emerald green is a kind of obvious beauty-in this territory, sins can be dignifiedly hidden.

Perhaps the most fashionable is the most beautiful!


The grass at this time is not completely green, and the immature body is covered with pride, the dewdrops are crystal clear to set off the hormones, and the beauty is blooming in the growth.

At this time, the flowers are not fully bloomed either, pink, red, and white are hanging deep in the branches…Look from afar, and play near. The one hanging in the distance looks like a wall, and the one hanging close up looks like honey. The unopened world has long been shaken off by the evil selfishness. In the current intelligence, it is ingeniously outlined in the pursuit of illusion – as everyone knows, this illusion has been modified.

People who rest because of beauty

On the emerald-green body, recklessly shuttled back and forth, conveying self-righteous happiness , proud in the trampling, sadly losing the breath of youth.

Roots of thread, in the bondage, bear the expectation of expectation, the joy of joy-joy may always be grouped.

As everyone knows, sometimes happiness is only when you hide your own sadness.

The happiness suspended in the sky propped up the pillars of a landscape in the open space, but these pillars are some sad shadows.

“Run, run, run, run…”

The kite is held up with hope in the cheers, sorrow is in the hands and under the feet, and the sin extends.

Let’s run away,

Stay away from this joy, so that sorrow cannot continue, especially in compassion.