In this life, one must be brave to try

The Yangtze River rolls eastward, and the waves flow away. Of course, if we have the courage to try, we can increase the connotation of life. It is said in the Book of Changes: “The sky is healthy, and the gentleman strives for self-improvement; the terrain is great, and the gentleman carries things with virtue.” We must be brave to try and be a real gentleman.

Xi Murong said: “Life is a rushing river, and we are all those who cross the river.” Yes, to cross this river smoothly, we must be brave enough to try. Looking at the starry sky of history, the stars are shining. Those who are the most dazzling and eye-catching are the ones who are able to try and make progress.

Trying is a compulsory course that we must learn in life . Treating the trial correctly will allow us to find the beacon of life, brave the wind and waves, and set sail on the road in the future. Nobel Prize winner Tu Youyou, dare to try, hold the Artemisia annua, two liters of water, soaked for more than a thousand years, until you appear. For a mission, persist in thousands of experiments. Extract the essence of ancient culture, deeply implant in the contemporary world, and help mankind survive a catastrophe. Yo Yo Luming, Artemisia of the Wild Food. Today there is a guest, Deyin Kong Zhao. If he had the courage to try, it would be impossible to achieve such a brilliant achievement.

How can one move forward if one has not tried. Only if you have the courage to try, you can stimulate your potential. With experimentation, there will be pressure and motivation to move forward, which will inspire oneself and forge ahead in innovation. Gao Shuzhen, who has accepted nearly a hundred disabled children but never received a cent, is brave enough to try, supporting the desk with rough hands, and blocking the wind and rain with her generous back. With love, the children in the small yard grow stronger day by day. Your heart is as pristine as the soil, you sprinkle the seeds of hard work, and kindness will grow into a towering tree. The reason why he has such an achievement is precisely because he has the courage to try, and for this, he will go forward courageously at all costs.

Throughout the ages, talents and wise men have attached great importance to trying. Only if you have the courage to try, you will persevere and persevere. Once you have tried, you will never give up, and you will succeed in hardships and difficulties. Duan Aiping, an impartial grassroots cadre, has the courage to try. The mountain beam blocks the sun, and you use your shoulders to rise from the hope of the folks. The village is getting fuller, but your body is slowly weakening. The crops, always give everything back to the soil. You stick to work, money, and fate, and you stay close to the hearts of the people. If he can’t be brave enough to try, how can he get such affirmation and praise?

Regrettably, many people did not have the courage to try, so that they were confused and wasted their lives. Tashiram Dodo wrote: “Happy to endure every pen stroke by nature, pen and pen are God’s will, and life has no failure.” We must be brave to try so that life does not fail. Young people should learn to be brave enough to try. Only in this way can we live up to our youth and compose our own wonderful life movement.