I want to change mother

On Friday morning, there was dust blowing outside. My daughter was going to be late for the kindergarten, but she was not in a hurry, she even urged me to read stories to him. So, I yelled and blamed, she went to kindergarten unhappy.

Going home from school in the evening, I saw her reading picture books with relish. Her father turned over and looked at it, and the title was “I Hate Mom”. Then, she said: “I want to change my mother, my mother loves to swear!” Her father was anxious, “I finally took a daughter-in-law, you want me to change?” Daughter: “If I agree, you Are you sure you don’t want to change?” Her father: “Let’s change it, but the mother who comes back can’t keep pets either, or I’ll be in the back row.” My daughter thought about it, “If, your position is higher. , Can make mom keep quiet, I don’t want to change!”

When I came out of the kitchen, they both looked at me and smiled. Faced with her favorite tomato scrambled eggs, she told her father: “I will find you a daughter-in-law after I have eaten!”, and quietly wrote “I hate my mother” The picture book from was tucked under the dining table.