Holding the hand of time

The door faces the green hills, backed by the green forests, and the delicate green grass hits the soil and laughs. There are clusters of wild flowers, all over the mountains and plains, the expressions are very different, wonderful, and the light purple is elegant and contemplative. The dark blue cheeks are elegant, the pink nod is charming, the golden looks up to the sky, and the pure white jade looks forward to it, whether it is single or repetitive, monochrome or complex, spherical or heart-shaped, five-pointed star or pony tail In the same way, they prayed that time would go slower together. Thankfully, there is love, not to mention the head of the elves, the earthlings. Su Xin is pure, selfless and flawless, poetic rhyme is extraordinary, dreamy and dazzling, I really want to hold the arm of the years in the world, holding the hand of time, in the jewel blue sky, let my thoughts plug in the wings of fantasy, and dance with the neon clothes, Fly with Chunyan, and Ziyan holds the spring to the sky. I want to race against time.

Suddenly imagine looking at the mountains and plains, an old tree with lush cages vigorously upright. What’s so wonderful is that a graceful and winding creek lingers in the mountains and forests, and there is a small bridge in the middle, which passes through this green forest path, sharing the fresh and airy mood with the god of time like an idyllic poetry and ink painting.

I spent my childhood in the lush greenery. Now, with the feeling of reunion for a long time, I wander this green forest path, cross that bridge, and enter the youth of me, and suddenly I walk into the dreamlike years, no matter The years are like songs and pictures, and poetry like dancing. No matter the years are full of prosperity, or the years are dim and sad, I can’t forget the years that I have spent here.

In spring, the two of us gather together under the emerald green and enchanting willow trees, lying prowly on the soft grass, breathing in the scent of negative ions from the strands of grass and wood, and feeling refreshed, or looking for bugs, or listening to the birds. The treetops sang the song of spring crisply and melodiously, or picked a few bright wildflowers by the creek, at this time we both laughed and laughed in the jungle…

The seasons change, spring turns gorgeously, summer seems to spread out enthusiastic arms, welcoming our patronage, the hot sun, we both escaped in the thick and shaded green forest, jumped into the bottomless spring, childhood My little friends, fish and crabs together, sometimes have a water fight, and enjoy the coolness of summer to the fullest. It is the chilly stream that records the innocent years of our childhood.

The artistic conception of autumn is like a picture scroll painted by yellow and blue ink. Under the blue sky, there is a shy and drunk maple forest in the mountains, and the mountains are full of golden wild chrysanthemums. The trail is paved with soft leaves, and the ginkgo leaves fly like yellow butterflies in the autumn breeze, covering the mountain trails with golden carpets. The mountain trails have carved and burned our childhood footprints, which of course linger in my memory. Hearing our playful laughter, we can only put on thick cotton-padded jackets, cotton trousers, and furry hats, nestling at home, looking forward to the green of winter clothes, and looking forward to the arrival of spring, when the jade butterfly is flying and dancing. When the earth is on the earth, the dark fragrance of plum is the agility of the gathering of snow and plum for thousands of years. The white space is a little blush, depicting a harmonious artistic conception between heaven and earth. The snow and spring are here, and the golden and platinum-like flowers exude bursts of fragrant fragrance, green The woods share the joy and warmth of the New Year and New Year in tranquility .

Today I stand by the small bridge, looking at the green woods, and I feel like I have lost something in my heart. Time is like water, which is lost unconsciously. No matter how hard we stay, we will not stay for a moment. Therefore, please hold the hand of time firmly and don’t care about the length of life. Be sure to cherish the moments God gave us. , Let the limited life create infinite brilliance.

I was thinking alone, many of my childhood friends have gone far away, and the years are gone, the mountains, the waters and the green woods are still the same, but I am no longer the me on the trail. Outside the window, there is a vast expanse, and my thoughts continue to move forward, or freehand the reincarnation of the years, or write a hymn to the depths of the soul, or interpret the brilliance of the life process…

Away from the prosperous city and isolated from the noise of the world, the mountain village presents a peaceful and innocent scene. After the shower of spring and rain, all troubles disappeared, birds chirping, tactful and crisp, creeks trickling smoothly, flying flow suppressed and frustrated, colorful Butterflies are dancing, buzzing buzzing, grass and trees like weaving, green leaves are luxuriant, I feel like walking into a fairy tale world, wandering back and forth.

Stepping into the season of spring, feeling the mirror image of the blooming flowers and birds singing, spending the spring rains, and gradually approaching the rainy season, I am grateful for the beauty of the time gifts, I just want to wear happy clothes, and fly relaxed and happy. Mood , to embrace the beautiful scenery of nature.

However, I feel that the pace of time is always so hurried. The ignorant boy yesterday has become a youthful youth today. Perhaps, soon we will become the old man of Hefa. Only by holding the hand of time and racing against time can we realize the truth of life.

The spring rains are lingering, very soft, fluttering, misty, and surpassing. My heart is as it was before, and the truth, kindness and beauty are in the distance.

I mustered up my courage, strode into the time shuttle bus, and drove forward to pursue everything that belongs to me.