Heart from Taoyuan, tranquil and far-reaching

With the blooming and withering of the seasons, the plants and flowers exude a faint fragrance, and the wilderness of the mood suddenly becomes bright, smelling the clear sound of the bamboo dew, and having a drink. The viewer, the heart, followed by the element, the mind, followed by the clear. Water, if in the wind and rain, the woman who walks in various styles, does not use pink and daisy, but jade and ice clear. Shining the shadow of time given by the sun and the moon. Quietly, smelling the fragrance left over by the time, savoring the passing scenery. Looking back, the sun is still red and shadowy, and the wind is calm and green. Settling the dust and sand over the years, revealing my own clearness. And the moonlight of Xiaoxiang, which has been soaked for thousands of years, is still so poetic. A little bit of resentment, has been faintly washed but sad, and the epiphany heart is quiet and far from Taoyuan.

The thin breeze came slowly, and the thin yarn was like a cloud, and it was gently spread. A touch of blue, through the pink-twisted gauze, if through the glazed blue and white, blooming in the water, soft as blue and blue, what kind of simple and fresh, simple color, but fascinating. Watercolour paintings that are like the elegance and vulgarity of the world will favor a kind of cleanliness and clarity. The wind, in the murmur of cyan, flips through the scenes of deja vu, shining brightly between the heaven and the earth, the post station of nostalgia for the soul, hanging on the wall of memory.

I know that no one really escapes from the floating world, but there is always a place to pin one’s heart. Here, you can open the window of your heart and let your dreams fly. I really want to turn into a small boat, drunk with lotus rhyme, wandering in the blue water for thousands of miles. Enjoy the full moon in Banxi and a refreshing breeze. Send the blessings before the Mid-Autumn Festival, feel the Mid-Autumn Festival, be grateful and pray for blessings, a warm harbor, a harmonious family, happiness and health, good luck, sweet and complete! Warm and happy all the time !

Let the tranquility of the meaning be the fence, and the elegance as the step, the heart has its own paradise, happy peace and tranquility, seek tranquility; look for the elegance and chase transcendence. When you feel exhausted after a busy day, the best place to relax yourself is your own space, your own small world is fresh and peaceful.

Quiet night, everything is silent, I sit alone, soak a cup of light tea, listen to a soft music, nourish the soul, talk to the text, feel the warmth of the palm of the hand, cultivate the sentiment, and walk in with the tenderness that my heart desires. The tip of the pen melts into the depths of my soul, so I throw myself into the entanglement of words and music,…light music, like water across, leaving a hickey in my heart, gently, let the calm bloom in my quiet heart Ping Ting of Lotus. On a quiet night, drink a cup of tea until tasteless; hear a song without rhyme; read a book without words; forget a love story to no shadow; play a piece of music Silent; love a person unintentionally. The shackles of the world are broken, the pressure is released, life is untied, breathing free air, stretching the rich wings, life is shining with dazzling light.

It blooms in the corner of the world, and sings softly in the watery night. The hustle and bustle of the downtown area will gradually disappear, a quiet, clear heart. As a result, Ripple’s thoughts are hazy in her own artistic conception. Curl, like a light smoke. The random brushstrokes create a unique tranquility, warmth, and long endless reverie, playing a different rhythm. Keep a calm mood , in the quicksand-like years, in the days when Fanghua is fading, learned to face everything calmly. I always want to wash my soul with a handful of moonlight. Crush the mess that the world has given, and shape it into an indifferent one. In the pure and shallow time, the petals of the years are blooming quietly. Carrying a touch of indifferent fragrance, twisting a quiet petal, touching a cluster of An Tianrui, listening to the transcendent flower language, whispering softly. The flowers of the years caress the strings of life, chatting to comfort my heart’s touch and contemplation, and it always spreads my heart in the blossoming and falling of the flowers… If you can, look for a landscape, smile and watch the red dust, the leaves fall and the fallen colors are colorful. , The heart is quiet and far-reaching from Taoyuan.

Quiet and far-reaching, the elegance of building a hut, the snail dwelling in the comfortable radius, the snail dwelling in the fragrance of ink rhyme, the savory celebratory writing, the graceful words, the sentimental sentimentality, the singing and laughing of sentences , the dancing of paragraphs and sentences . The joy of appreciating the gorgeous chapters, the incomparable visual enjoyment, the beauty of the nourishment of the heart, the beating of the heart, the passion of the heart exudes high passion, telling the eternal love of a period of history, and the beauty of the beauty , With the energy of the bright sun, gather the wisdom of the present and ancient wonders, be cautious about the philosophy of life , elegant in the ripples of the artistic conception, ethereal in the thousands of thoughts, cultivated in the dazzling and tactful places of the text, let the moon shadow cut a quiet, holding a handful Moonlight washes the soul.

The technology of bio-appreciation engineering clones the wide time tunnel, and makes the morning sun, sunrise and sun into a digital wall of life , let the birds and flowers, the singing and dancing of birds and birds, bake them into the whispers of the tranquil heart, listen to the leisurely and elegant exquisiteness, sit quietly In the fairyland of Taoyuan, accompanied by the shadow of thousands of petals of flowers, whispering to the flowers, let the happy mood sneak into the quiet and elegant blooming of the flowers, cut and roll the gorgeous clouds, and save the thousands of clear waters. The mountains and the flowing water, the confession of life , lingering in the heart trickling, floating in the moon, washing away the beauty of love and thought of Qing Qing Zi Jin Qing Zi Pei. Dazzling the tranquility and elegance of my heart, cutting out a poetic and artistic conception of love, the beautiful purple red of my thoughts, a blue wave, reflecting a bright blue moon, picking the shy red beans of Nanshan, inlaid with the cool and light autumn lovesickness, Send a message to the wild goose, please Baiyun. Ask the mountains, rivers and lakes to hold hands and miss , and wish for beauty.

Looking up at the drunken moon in the sky, the heart is like a mirror, and the philosophy of life alone makes people live like a picturesque, poetic, and idyllic style. Playing a sound of thousands of years, let Xiquan Moyun a vivid landscape painting. Looking up at the sky, the elegant snowflakes are shining, exquisitely clear and graceful, overlooking the Tianshan Mountains, the holy fragrance of snow lotus, the infinite charm, the beautiful and flawless affection, entwined my heart. Looking back at the charm of the lotus language, the moon shadow brings a peaceful and far-reaching scenery; in meditation, the shadow of the peach petals in the depths of the peach field is refreshed. The clear water of the mirror lake is smooth and smooth, and the splendid sunset is a beautiful sunset. Brilliant and brilliant.

I walked from Taoyuan to smell the fragrance of the heart, clearly showing the green and green like blue and white porcelain, smelling the sweet sound of the river and bamboo dripping, listening to the faint water of the green mountains, the autumn is the end of the Jiangnan grass and the unleavened poetry, appreciate the piano and flute The thoughts of the sound, whether the twenty-four bridges and the bright moon can carry the tranquility in the depths of Taoyuan, wipe the thousand petals of the beautiful charm, absorb the gentleness of the rippling blue waves, and walk gently with the gentleness of the wind , To bathe in the kisses of the drunken moon and Qinghui, the willow bank style, a picture of kingfishers in the haziness, bees and butterflies dancing lightly, and the scenery of swimming fish leisurely and favorably. Looking at the Ping Ting in a pond, in the intoxicated feelings of sentiment, writing the deep thoughts of Taoyuan in the dream, let the Taoyuan in the quiet and far-reaching heart be baked into the window of the soul, soak a cup of light tea, and listen to a soft song Soft music is accompanied by fragrance. Send the blessings of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and realize that the heart is peaceful and far from Taoyuan.