For the rest of your life, remember to learn to please yourself

Every morning, remember to tell yourself: Life can be lonely and wandering, but the soul must be dependent.

You have to know that what you love is not the person who never forgets, nor the time and experience. What you love is only the under-fed, but ideal self who can see hope in adversity.

For an ideal person, no place is desolate and remote, and he can temper himself in any adversity. The twists and turns are the inevitability of life. We can’t always go wrong. There is no way out of the mountains and rivers.

The helplessness of life is only temporary. As long as we find the starting point to solve the problem and laugh it off, helplessness will also make us more mature, more perfect, and stronger to prop up our own spiritual sky.

A person must learn to liberate himself and transcend himself in any environment. Tagore told us: “The heavens set up numerous obstacles on the road solely for the purpose of strengthening your will.” People, if you have a heart of resignation, you will find that whether the sky is overcast with clouds or the sun is shining, in your heart There will always be a tranquility.

Ruth chooses it himself, so even if he gets hurt or falls in the future, he must learn to heal and bear it by himself. The chance to decide your destiny does not fall from the sky, but every minute you make every minute choice, all the difference can only be in that minute.

The rest of your life is not long, so don’t wrong yourself. No matter how bad Cao Cao is, he has close friends. No matter how good Liu Bei is, there are enemies. Therefore, people live their own way, because every season is flawed and every story has dark wounds. God will not take care of you. You can only believe A gorgeous fall is better than a sense of wandering, even if you fall badly, it will be another feast of fate.

Remember, every growth in life will increase experience, face every challenge in life with tranquility, indifferent and graceful coquettishness!

The weak use tears to comfort themselves, and the strong use sweat to temper themselves. Many things are a myth if we insist on it, and a joke if we give up. Only through the smoke and dust of the years can we cultivate a kind of uncontested leisure, and life will be clear and clear.

There is a celebrity’s truth that is really good: “I am a phoenix tree, the phoenix will come to dwell; I am the sea, and the rivers will come back.” Did you know that life is rounded for us to make us fly higher, you If you don’t even want to go to the river, can you travel across the ocean? So don’t be afraid that your life will end, you should worry that your life will never really begin.

No matter how high the sky is, it is closer to the sun on tiptoe. Our life is still going on, and life is not over yet. Only when you have a strong heart can you protect the people you want to protect.

From now on you have to delete inferiority from your dictionary. Don’t think too much about everything. Hold your hands too tightly, things will break and your hands will hurt. Don’t lose your temperament or your personality. Although time has accelerated our appearance, it has also enriched our lives!