Feelings of rain

Pattering, that is the spring rain trying to wake up the land that has been asleep for a winter; crackling, it is Xia Yu breaking the tranquility of spring with squally wind and thunder and lightning; crashing, it is the autumn rain, which entangles the thoughts of passers-by ; tick tick tick tick, That is Dongyu’s loneliness, dissatisfied with winter, the air awakened with a sound of percussion. Rain, with different sounds, expresses different feelings in different seasons.

The spring rain falls into the valley, drips into the river, hits the roof, and finally turns into a touch of polish on the land that has experienced a desolate winter; or enriches the river and lake and turns into the daughter of the sea; Or brushing the face of the traveling wanderer, bringing him the fragrance of the moist soil of his hometown. Chun Yu turns her enthusiasm into the source of life, dedicating bit by bit to the flowers that depend on the growth of the soil to bloom, to the big tree that shelters life from wind and rain, and to you and me who are on the road of life . Sentient beings. Chun Yu, she has the kindness of her mother and cares for a group of children who are different but inseparable from each other in this world.

Xia Yu crackled on the horizon, banging into people’s ears, and beating on the slightly trembling hearts. The rain of spring is faintly covered with the lingering silver threads. Those cute little lives can still be regarded as a pleasant stroll, inexplicably bringing some romance and affection; but Xia Yu does not allow them to enter his field. The thunder from the sky, the glare of lightning, and the continuous raindrops that fell, drive away the weak and weak, but also constantly sharpen the tenacity that does not want to leave. His life, he beats them, shapes them, and looks forward to their growth like Yan father. You see, after a heavy rain, everything becomes more and more prosperous under the arrogant sunshine.

The autumn rain was lingering, tangled on the leaves one by one, wrapped around the jacket of the person, wrapped around the thoughts that were difficult to dissipate, adding a little more melancholy to the melancholy person. Qiu Yu was lonely and indifferent, but she was desperate and just wanted to find a companion for herself. She entangled the leaves and pulled them into her arms, but the leaves fluttered and fell into the earth, overlapping one by one, blocking the entanglement of the autumn rain; she wrapped the hanging clothes, longing for this to bring People’s warm objects can also give themselves a little warmth, but people hurriedly put the clothes indoors, and complained that the autumn rain had soaked the clothes again; she lingered on the green fruits and vegetables in summer, but didn’t want them to go all at once. Mature. Qiu Yu was silent, Qiu Yu left silently, and Qiu Yu left without a sound, leaving only a place of loneliness and sorrow, and a piece of silent maturity.

Then, Dong Yu descended in a ticking pace. He was naughty and cold, with the howling cold wind tearing people’s faces, peeling off his shield-like coat and using the cold wind to infiltrate his clothes and bones. He played with himself, wiped off Qiu Yu’s sadness little by little, announcing his coming. He is like a child, but not, he is cold, but he also has a warm and hot heart. He also wanted to embrace the earth and warm the earth like Chun, but his bitter cooling was disgusting. He just wanted to protect himself, but he didn’t want to come silently like Qiu Yu and walk silently with his heart full of scars, but he also left something behind. , Under the cold and hard soil, there is hope for the coming spring.

The rains of the four seasons exist in this way, each with their own feelings. They are also like living lives, telling the story of the reincarnation of the four seasons , telling everyone who listens to the rain, and they are slightly lonely but with a passion for life .