Father struggling in poverty

I think: all fathers in the world are the same. They all want to be tall and wealthy, but in fact, due to the family background, geographic location, and inborn physical conditions are all affected by factors, this kind of ordinary expectation cannot be met by every father. Cash in on the body.

Even though the heart is higher than the sky, due to the constraints of many objective factors, the poor fathers are still on this Chinese land, occupying the vast majority of them. The destiny of poverty has not changed much, but how does this damage the image of his father’s kindness and strength?

This matter should start with this poor father. He has a very sensible child. One year his son happened to be admitted to high school. Unfortunately, this father suffered from a lung disease called pulmonary qi. One day, he suffered a lot. Hurried to a hospital to see a doctor.

After reading it, the doctor said: “Your illness is very serious. It costs a lot of money and you have to be hospitalized.” He said to the doctor, “I won’t be hospitalized anymore, because I don’t have that much money. I have to leave this money to my son. How about the college entrance examination? The doctor said: “You are a really good father. You don’t even want your own life. He said that this father turned and walked out of the gate of the hospital. When he returned home, his son asked him, Didn’t you go to the doctor?

Why did he come back so soon? The father said: “My son is poor, and I can’t afford the disease. I don’t have that much money, so I have to come back. This is how the father can’t help but buy salt water for infusion at home. In the beginning, it was in the village. The doctor here gave him a stabbing for several days. His son went to the village doctor to give his father an infusion, but the village doctor was too busy with his affairs and was unwilling to come.

My father really couldn’t help but let me do it. My son gritted his teeth but didn’t dare to do it. His hands kept trembling. He went down his father’s blood vessel. The second needle went in. The needle tip came out next to the blood vessel. Then the blood came out. Then it oozes out. The son who got sweaty and was about to cry in a hurry, but the father quickly took the medicine, covered the eye of the needle and said: “It’s okay, it’s okay,” and he sighed long after he finished speaking.

This father said that his illness can be cured with 10,000 yuan, but our poor family has no money, so we have to fight with fate. That is because the family “I” has to go to school. My father is already in debt when he sees the doctor. He needs salt for a day. When it was gone, I had to cook the vegetables in white water as a meal. No one in the family spoke, so tears flowed into my stomach.

I remember that when I was young, my father was just young and was a well-known carpenter. The villagers asked him to make furniture and build a house. At that time, my father’s salary was two yuan a day, and there was a box of cigarettes. My father usually doesn’t smoke, and puts boxes by boxes in the cupboard, and saves them for the New Year. The salary is not in a hurry, and they will be paid whenever they are paid.

“I” remembered that during the New Year, I often only bought a row of firecrackers for two hundred shots, one today and one tomorrow. Once, I couldn’t help but ask my father, “Why not buy more firecrackers? My father looked at it with an angry look. For me, my son is money, it’s gone after a crack!

Once my father, selling grass for food, happened to be passing by the county town and was about to go to high school “I”. I begged my father to buy me a pen. My father nodded and said yes. At night, I finally hoped that he would come back and help my father unload the car and drink. After feeding the livestock and feeding the fodder, my heart beats like a “dongdongdong”. I cautiously walked over and asked my father, “Have you bought the pen?” My father said lightly, “Oh, the pen, I forgot it.” At that time, the store was closed.”

At this time, my tears flowed down. Because of this, my father saved our house from three rooms to five rooms. I remember a secretary named Li in our town, who was long and white. The clothes were very fashionable. He came to our village that day and grabbed me, who was playing crazy, and said to others, look how dark this kid’s eyes are.

There must be something to do in the future. It happened that when my father was at lunch, his excited voice changed and said to his mother: “Secretary Li said, our boy will have a future. Then one night there was a private teacher in the village who wanted to take part in the regularization. In the exam, I asked me a math problem, and I quickly solved it. He was sitting on the kang and went crazy in surprise. Then he grabbed my father’s hand and said, “Uncle San, you have to be good with this child. For the future, it must be a block material.

My father was so excited that I didn’t sleep all night. However, after hard review, I got excellent scores in every subject before I was admitted to the university. Later, my father took my hand and said, “You can’t go to the village in the past two years. , I was very uncomfortable when I heard it, but I knew in my heart that I knew that my son would do well and could be admitted to the university. I would be worthy of death when I was fine.

My father caused the illness when he was building a house at home. When he built the foundation, his sputum was bloodshot. He asked the village doctor, “It’s all right.” Before long, my father died. I can’t leave. My father has never made a train in his life. Because there is no money at home, he almost died the first time. When finally my father was about to die, he took out the account book and said, “Son.”

If you owe money to someone, remember that you must return it to them. We are very poor. My father gave me the account book and gave me a very affectionate look. His eyes were full of failure, helplessness, and guilt. , Powerlessness and unspeakable pain, but my son knows how sad and miserable this account book is.

I remember that after the death of “my” father, I once borrowed money from someone to bury his father. That person said coldly: “It’s okay to borrow money, but what can you pay me back?” In that person’s eyes, he will be poor forever.

I think that a person who grew up in suffering, no matter what vision others look at you, as long as a person is poor and aspiring, no matter how long and difficult the road ahead, I believe he will walk through it calmly. I sincerely wish this poor child on the road in the future, he can bravely face any difficulties, and a better tomorrow will wave to you.