Farewell, the past years

Flick his sleeves, bid farewell to the absurd years, wipe his eyes, and welcome the new hope of tomorrow.

The night is quiet, and the gurgling water beats the river bed. Two or three frog calls, four or five broken moons, dotted with the lonely earth, everything is quiet tonight. Gently tapping the keyboard, looking back, I haven’t written a log for a long time , shaking the dust of my soul, and realizing that I’m still alive. I used to be self-righteous. I used to make excuses for myself after making mistakes. I used to ignore her feelings and went my own way. I used to think that as long as I worked hard, I could succeed. I used to think that love is simple. I am always unforgiving. The once was, goodbye, it is already the once.

After the sinking of time and the baptism of years, I slowly realized that I had lost my way, and I have been in this world, lingering alive. At that moment, I suddenly understood, why can’t life be simpler? Why do you always care about other people’s evaluations? Why do you want to live the way others see it? In fact, life is very simple, simple and most beautiful! Own happiness happy only important, do not always confined to the shackles of the mind. Starting today, starting my new journey, I will be a happy person, grasping my own happiness and grasping my own life .

Goodbye, the years I used to be, goodbye, the youth that used to be!