Every broken dream like a poem

When I walked into my dreamland,
I saw a beautiful profile of
her . She walked on the waves and walked
vaguely from the sea, with wavy phantoms, her long hair fluttering with waves, and the
sandy beach was covered with sparkling diamond spirits. ,
I have returned to yesterday of romantic infatuation.

The encounter is no stranger, and what is
lacking is eternal love.
She called
to me , hoping that I would strive to leave behind,
but my trapped footsteps sent her away
sadly .

we grew up together, we were facing each other day and night. Two little widows,
she smiled affectionately, as long as it was engraved in my heart,
all the sweet laughter left in my childhood,
she said sincerely, please believe in my Lord,
we will walk together , Even in heaven.

That beautiful mountain village,
flowing through is a clear spring,
only our young appearance is exhausted,
love her heart, only a bubble is left,
can keep her vague memory,
I still cherish, that poetic Every broken dream.