Every appearance in life deserves to be taken seriously

There are countless experiences, moments and beings in life . Every time I face it, it is the challenge of life. Every appearance is a debut.

(1) Appearance, appearance, appearance

Time goes by every minute, every time is also an experience, and every experience is broadcast live.

Life is like a play, and play is like life. Everyone is his own protagonist. Paying attention to the development of the realistic plot, silently waiting for the appearance. Busy for his debut. Rehearsing secretly, preparing quietly, waiting for an opportunity, and making a stunning appearance.

Time takes turns in the hourglass of the years. Yesterday’s scene ended hurriedly and ended in a hurry. The flowers that should bloom did not bloom, and the fruit that we expected to bear. There was no shadow, and there were regrets, but it was eternal. Xu is surrounded by flowers, and Xu sighs in distress.

Today’s live broadcast, I lost my way in a panic. “I don’t know the head of Mount Lu, but I am here.” Right and wrong, look at the flowers in the mist. The flowers are so beautiful that they can’t be touched.

The script of the future is hazy in the beautiful expectation and fantasy, and the future is still far away, so he refuses to start easily. In fact, every time you walk, every time you come on stage, whether you succeed or fail, you will experience a complete life.

(2) Every appearance deserves to be taken seriously

Some people say that to take one thing seriously is to send it to it, the best debut ceremony in life.

A competition, a performance, an exam, an essay, a needle thread… Isn’t it just appearances again and again.

The drama of life, acting and directed by himself, is like a one-man show, but hidden invisible hostility. Perhaps, I am my opponent, constantly looking for another stronger challenge point in countless contests. It is also the protagonist and the audience, acting with passion, moving to the heart, a person’s story can also be moved to tears.

Everything deserves a serious performance. Only meticulous preparation can make it reflect the highest value and give the greatest meaning.

(3) Cherish every appearance

A hundred years of life is long and short. One day will be lost one day. The playing time is reduced by one day.

Some people always look into the distance and refuse to look directly at the scenery beside them, believing that luck can prevail. I always thought that Japan would be long, squandered his youth, and wasted his years at will. Hope in tomorrow and far away. The years of learning, letting go of ignorance and willfulness, rubbing shoulders with the appearances again and again, leaving behind the most beautiful flowers of the moment.

Some people cherish the gifts of the years and use their horses. Just because he was ashamed that he had no face in the world, he vowed not to break Loulan and never return it. To play for your future, prepare early, plan and plan.

Time is the referee. Whoever looks best on the stage of life will give the most fair judgment. Give a few points, add a few points of excitement, this is the best answer. The missed time is weak and weak in the face of the truth, and the appearance is tragic.

Time is not long, and time has bounds. For the rest of your life, please cherish every appearance, strategize, and win tomorrow. Grasp every blooming opportunity and find the most beautiful self. Turn the bright years into an epic of life.