The rainy season is the most conceptual and formal thing that I touched on the water pavilion in March. Maybe it has something to do with my birth in this month. Especially in the early days, in the passing spring rains that were hailed as precious and oily, the plain and melancholy youthful walks were almost always shrouded in melancholic haze. The rain in March gave the intention to move forward when I was young, and submitted too many troublesome homework, so that I occasionally saw the sun, and I no longer know how to consume it.

Today is a March day when the sun rises very early after the vernal equinox. Chen Hui stepped through the curtains and lifted me from the bed. I was bleary-eyed, the curtains, actually is fierce Rayon shake awake, remembered yesterday questioned weather forecasts, and invite what they plan to do in the vision of the occasion – when combing nearly mood , stroked a stroke new emotion Chiaki In the time when the breeze is rippling, how to tell the story of the carefree and loving guardian of the future .

If the spring of life is bound to disappear, then the love can be bound in the frame of life forever . For the first time, I referred to the taste of human emotions as “xin”, which should be regarded as a guide for me by good fortune. When reality makes people leave the piano room that does not belong to them, pursue it, and will definitely put a new direction in front of you religiously. As long as you don’t give up the search for love, there will always be a musical instrument that will ease your mood when you play.

After I walked into the new piano room, there was nothing irritating about my playing. Although distance hijacked the opportunity for us to stand by each other day by day, it also gave each other a peaceful space that we must have. Although we look forward to gathering together like a drizzle in March, our understanding and calmness will eventually All this is embellished into a leaf of affectionate greetings on the acacia tree.

Now, when I am alone, I find that my writing no longer reveals the sad emotions that have been multiplied by the pursuit of the past. I don’t know what kind of words can feature a person who likes words and escape into nature. If the text I coded out now is a kind of “betrayal”, I would pray to God, don’t criticize me for such a natural and soft “betrayal”.

I have very few thoughts to recall the past related to affection, and I don’t want to write the memories of occasional missteps to create any emotional car accident on the new clean road, so that Xinqing is lost in confusion. Xinqing is not used to test but needs to be cherished. If I really can’t handle the persistence of writing pen, I can use the form of novels to interpret some past stories that allow fiction.

It is true that I should never refuse the unsophisticated way of composition that I have been accustomed to all the time, because that kind of writing can better record my mood in each period-it is a kind of communication with nature, that is An independent obsession. That kind of mood can also be daring with Xinqing.

In March in my memory, there is always too much depression in my mind that was wet by the spring rain. At that time, I didn’t know that there were dry tears of survival in the hope of the crops, and I only meditated on the intoxication of the jade lotus in Xiachi when it approached me. Today, the sunshine in March is as brilliant as this; even if I walk alone in the quiet pavilion, under the cover of that kindness, I feel warm all over. I, enjoying a tranquility, and playing the music forever in the springtime piano room, plucking my fingers…