During the rainy season, the rain is accompanied by summer flowers

In June of the lunar calendar, the rainy season will also come to an end. A heavy rain damaged the flowering period and flooded half of the city.

During the rainy season, only summer flowers follow the rainy season, and the rainy season comes hand in hand with summer flowers. The happiest thing is to count all kinds of flowers, plump and full of rain soaked, delicate and beautiful. The begonias are red, the yushu is green, the roses are blooming, the gardenias are whitened, and there are pavilions in the water, as quiet as virgin lotus.

The flowers bloomed, came in a hurry, and left in a hurry. Is it for the one-sided appointment in the next life? Or is it the fate formed after a thousand years of looking back? ! In the dreamlike rainy season, only summer flowers are consistent, colorful and fragrant throughout the rainy season.

During the rainy season, many people are immersed in the sentimental rainy season. The misty rain, the drizzle Feifei, fascinated the eyes, but also the mood , and lost in the green time.

Although, some people did not miss the lingering rainy season. However, it missed the most beautiful flowering period in the rainy season. And some people miss both the melancholic rainy season and the sentimental flowering period. Fortunately, I not only drenched my sorrow and joy thoroughly in the rainy season, but also watched the rain quietly during the brilliant flowering period, listened to the rain, tasted tea and wine, and had a great enlightenment in my heart!

Isn’t everything in the world in its own long or short flowering period, budding and blooming, competing for beauty. In the end, the flowers and water fall into the dust.

“Honeysuckle curls and tingling wild vines, wind and fire volcanic beams”. Although the honeysuckle flowering period is short, it is also the most enthusiastic.

As soon as the first spring rain came, the honeysuckle vines couldn’t wait to climb up the fence and the window lattice. Is it peeping at the warmth of the world or showing up for themselves, or coming for the marriage of a previous life? Even if the prosperity is exhausted, there is no regrets or regrets!

Last night, misty rain drove the flowering period. A large cluster of honeysuckle vines bloomed along the fence, most of which were silver-white buds, and a small part of them had bloomed impatiently. The scent is curvy, attracting you to find it. These white flowers are either competing with each other, or can’t help fighting for the delightful!

Whether it is drizzle outdoors or sunny, the summer flowers in the rainy season bloom enthusiastically without arrogance or rashness. The delicate flower heart, hidden in the pistils, may miss the beautiful flowering period. Even if it is short-lived as a surprise, even if it is gorgeous in an instant, it is not a worthwhile trip.

During the rainy season, the summer flowers are fresh and colorful because of the warm summer flowers, and the summer flowers are also colorful because of the continuous rainy season. The wind comes with rain, and the rain comes with flowers.

At night, the fragrance of the flowers slowly flows into the heart and spleen. The flowers bloom quietly, and the fallen flowers are colorful, floating into the mortal world, only a hint of scent remains.