Dreams become smaller and smaller, but they become more real

In childhood, everyone has a dream in their heart, the most beautiful flower at the beginning of life. At that time, we didn’t know which city we would go to when we grew up, which profession we would pursue, and we didn’t even predict where we would end up in old age. We could only use our naive mind to outline a vain outline, resolutely I believe that I will devote my whole life to this in the future, and I have no doubt that the process of chasing is beautiful.

Childhood dreams preset a huge hazy picture for life , let us fill it with color at every stage; provide a grand and general goal for children who have not been involved in the world, and let us in the process of pursuing this goal. Searching for meaning in life; it provides the initial coordinates and driving force for the pursuit of life, so that we are full of the most perfect hope for the future.

But as we were growing up, to what extent did our childhood dreams finally come true? Do you remember the composition of “My Dream” you wrote in your Chinese class in elementary school? How much have you accomplished so far? Do you remember what you said to your grandma when you were ten? Are you still struggling in the field you set for yourself? Looking back on the original dream after a lapse of many years, how much do we gain?

Young people don’t know the sorrows, Fenghua Zhengmao is full of enthusiasm, and always puts bold words on the corners of his mouth; leaving his hometown and wandering outside, struggling for many years, there is little gain, and it is difficult to hide a kind of loss in the smile of a loving mother; Don’t reconstruct a more suitable first-life philosophy to clean up the vicissitudes of the past and deal with the unknown ups and downs.

Dreams can’t be swayed by reality. Implementing the perfect plan for the original spiritual world in the real world is always not so successful, because dreams are illusory and will slowly be eroded by reality. When dreams touch the soil of reality, they encounter a situation. Another subversive correction and baptism. Finally, dreams have to adapt and accept reality.

In fact, we have been learning, compromising and giving up since the beginning, and even the choice itself means giving up. At every fork in our lives, we have chosen one direction while giving up some other directions. In the face of failure, in the face of pressure and setbacks, struggle is a choice and avoidance is also a choice; when close to success, pride and laziness is a choice, and going forward is also a choice.

Just like when we start from home, there are many roads to choose from, but we can only choose one. We face this choice at every fork in the road. In the end, your choice is where you arrive. Life is also a journey. At every fork in the road, you have to make your own choice, regardless of whether it was out of helplessness at the time.

Everyone has almost unlimited possibilities when they land, but in the process of growing up, most of the possibilities will be eliminated one by one, and in the end, you will be left with the part that you are holding in your hand. Of course, reality has given us many opportunities to choose, and the choice itself means compromise and abandonment. You have chosen one possibility, and you have also given up other possibilities.

Some people say that it is real life that drives us, not ourselves. Our dreams are gradually being damaged by reality. In fact, we are forced to a corner by life, bending over and lowering our heads to make our dreams smaller and smaller. In the real world, the dream pavilions cannot be built. Facing the real world, the limitation of our subjective initiative leads to the limitation of the ability to transform the objective world. This is doomed to compromise or give up on the environment and conditions. This is Darwinism in society, and individual life cannot break through this law of the jungle.

Yes, the growth of age and the passage of years make our dreams smaller and smaller. This is the power of dialectics.

But will we regret our original dream? No, we will only be ashamed of our inaction, annoyed at our missed opportunities, and regretted for wasting our time.

The process of life is the process of working hard to turn dreams into reality. In this process, through countless selections and screenings, I become who I am now, you become who you are now, and this choice is still going on, never Stop until the end of life. The victory of life lies in the realization of the dream as much as possible. As long as you work hard and struggle, you will have no regrets.

Although dreams have become smaller and smaller, they have become more and more real.

Perhaps when we became the elders, looking back on the decades of ups and downs, the kind of inner sadness that melted into the vicissitudes of the world, our original dream transformed into a dried old sugarcane under the erosion of the years, but The dream of childhood, that gorgeous flower, is always the most beautiful in our hearts.

Because we have pursued and struggled, what we finally hold in our hands is our harvest. We have no complaints or regrets, even if it is a dried old sugar cane.